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Madeleine McCann: L'Enquête Interdite - The Truth of The Lie- Chapter 22



May 8th 2008, Ababuja restaurant.

For several months now, I have not had the pleasure of spending any time in the company of my friend and colleague, Tavares de Almeida. We decide to grab a bite to eat at Ababuja, one of a number of restaurants on the banks of the Alvor, opposite the fish market. We used to go there from time to time - a year ago - for lunch or dinner with English colleagues who were involved in the investigation. The restaurant is full, the clientele mostly British. Amazingly, we pass unnoticed and manage to enjoy some privacy. At last, a long way from the investigation, we find ourselves alone and appreciating the sunshine on this fine afternoon, its rays reflecting on the calm waters of the river that separates Lagos from Portimão, where the investigation was played out. Although Tavares is pleased to say that the whole affair is behind us, our conversation inevitably goes back to Madeleine's disappearance: we recall the extraordinary work that was accomplished, the research, searches of properties, interrogations, the expert opinions, analyses carried out with the sole aim of understanding what happened....and the bitterness of having failed to find the little girl.

- Do you remember the conclusions we reached after the McCanns' interrogations?

- Oh, let it go, it's over.

- You believe it's possible to forget? We shouldn't disregard the past but build on it to move forward.

- Eh, my friend, our Benefica has certainly got a past too, and look what it's become nowadays.

- In fact, experience has taught them nothing.

- They've moved quickly on to other things..

- Exactly, let's not forget what has happened to that little girl.

- It's impossible. What I want to erase from my memory is the cruelty committed by certain people.

- To go back to our conclusions, I am convinced that those who would like to refute them would have a hard time doing so.

- That's certain, since they rest on the facts, the clues and the concrete evidence.


It is now important to present a summary of this case, based on our deductions: reject what is false, throw out what we can't show with sufficient certainty and validate that which can be proven.

1. The theory of abduction was defended from the start by Maddie's parents.

2. In their group, only the McCanns state that they saw the bedroom window open. The others cannot confirm it since they arrived at the apartment after the alert was raised.

3. The only person to have seen that window open with the shutters raised is Amy, one of the play workers from the children's centre of the Ocean Club. She made that observation at around 10.20/1030pm, which means well after the alert - which doesn't exclude that the window could have been closed at the time of the criminal act.

4. The witness statements raise a great number of inaccuracies, inconsistencies and contradictions. Jane Tanner's witness statement in favour of the theory of abduction is probably false: little by little it has lost all credibility because of successive modifications introduced by Jane, modifications that have ended up invalidating it.

5. The body, the existence of which has been confirmed by the EVRD and CSI dogs but also by the results of the preliminary laboratory analyses, cannot be found.

The conclusions my team and I have arrived at are the following:

1. The minor, Madeleine McCann died inside apartment 5A of the Ocean Club in Vila da Luz, on the night of May 3rd 2007;

2. There was simulation of abduction.

3. Kate Healy and Gerald McCann were probably involved in the concealment of their daughter's body.

4. The death may have occurred as a result of a tragic accident;

5. The evidence proves the parents' negligence concerning the care and safety of the children.

The sun is going down over this beautiful countryside. Children are playing under the watchful gaze of their parents. I think about the enthusiasm that was characteristic of him when I met Tavares in November 1981, at the judiciary police school, and which still fires him. The past seems distant, but it's not forgotten. We gave the best of ourselves to resolve this case. Our conclusions rest on the proven facts and the evidence interpreted within the principles of the law. Our work was done in the cause of justice, based on the material truth, the only thing that must prevail in a universe where the lie is raised up as truth.


Anonymous said...

thanks so much, Anna

what is brilliant about this book is it's simplicity. It shapes the convoluted mess of DVD files into something tangible and understandable.

It catalogues the McCann's obstruction and shows how unlikely it would have been for an abductor to strike.

This is what is so dangerous to the McCann's. It's very clear they have a great many questions to answer.

I find it incredibly sad that their legal and pr team have no interest in finding out the truth only in suppressing other points of view.

It looks more and more unlikely that the McCann's will be held to account for their actions at the moment.

Maybe one day they will.

AnnaEsse said...

Thank you, Anonymous. I was absolutely stunned to read on Joana Morais' blog that Dr Amaral and his publishers are even forbidden from expressing the opinion that Madeleine is dead. What kind of power do the McCanns have to achieve this? I am so cross, but then maybe Dr Amaral will take this to court and the McCanns will have to prove what they're saying.

Anonymous said...

What happened to chapter 21?

AnnaEsse said...

Chapter 21

jkh said...

This book is so sad. Superbly written (and excellently translated).

I have no idea why the Portuguese Judge banned it. Only the McCanns can be afraid of it.

Even the British police believe Maddie is dead, yet they seem very afraid to speak up for Maddie.

Poor baby girl. Only Goncalo now can resolve this case for her. I do hope he won't give up on her.

AnnaEsse said...

See Joana Morais' blog, jkh. Dr Amaral has said he will not be silenced! Love that man!

jkh said...

Me too!

Is that the end of the book now, Anna, or is there one more chapter?

Anonymous said...

Where is the missing chapter? The original book has 23 chapters. Chapter 21 in Amaral's book is "Irish family in shock" whereas it's chapter 20 in your translation. I can't see where the missing chapter is though.

Anonymous said...

Hey...I just found out the problem. Your Chapter 16 is merged with the two-page Chapter 17 (Initial Conclusions of the CSI and EVRD dogs). Then because you are one chapter short, the numbering goes awry after that. Your content looks complete. The chapter numbers threw me after 16 :)

Anonymous said...

Well Anna. Thanks for the translation. GA is fighting the mcscammers in court over the book. I pray he wins. As having just read it i think it is well written and states only his team's finding. Even the mcscammers own investigators came to the conclusion that Jane tanner was at best unreliable, and that blew their abduction theory out of the water. This like everything else was covered up and suppressed. - pete

Annah Kurtin said...

I have only had time to give Madeleine due diligence at this late date. I admire and give thanks to Sr.Amaral for his fastidious work and concise documentation of these sad. murderous events.
Thank you for your labor in giving us a very readable product.

AnnaEsse said...

Thank you, Annah x

Anonymous said...

I admire the writer of this book, he explained every detail, I don't understand the actions of the McCann's, a parent especially a mother would co-operate and give them access to her soul if it meant trying to find their missing daughter.

Brilliant book,
Thank you for taking the time and sharing it.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

I have just finished reading your translation of this book, thanks for your time and effort. It's terrible the way Dr Amaral (sorry if I've miss spelled his name) has been treated, I think they were on the right track with the investigation and justice for Madaleine would have been served if they'd have been allowed to do their jobs. Hopefully the truth will come out one day.

AnnaEsse said...

Thank you, Anonymous. I agree totally when you say that justice for Madeleine may have been served if the Portuguese police had been allowed to do their jobs. It seems to me that someone in power was looking for a reason to remove Amaral from the investigation and found it when he got annoyed with a British journalist. You and I and lots of others will carry on hoping for the truth to come out.

Anonymous said...

Great read and hopefully something comes of it all over the years. Seems to point to the parents although some things don't add up with that theory either:

- The man walking seems like Gerry but surely the time taken to do so and conceal the body to the point it has never been found would take some time. Seems such a short time between the apparent death and raising the alarm. The theory was it was after Gerry checked and went to the toilet at 9:15. This leaves 45mins for Maddie to get up, have an accident, be found, taken away and alarm raised at 10pm. There has been nothing in the story that shows Gerry wasn't there when the alarm was raised. infact it points to that he was there.

- If the Irish people seen the man (they believe to be Gerry) at 9:55pm this is 5mins before the alarm was raised. Again it would have taken time for him to get to where he was going, conceal the body and get back. Well after the police and everyone was there, surely. Plus change out of bloody clothes if there was an idea she fell (blood found).

- If there was blood found, surely the irish people would have noticed the person walking with a bleeding child. Surely, a fall causing death would almost certainly mean a lot of blood, not a little.

- If that is the theory then why was there focus on blood in the boot of the car unless the idea was the car was parked a fair way away, along the way the irish people seen the 'walking man'. Is the theory the 'walking man' went and disposed of the body or that the body was put in the car. Cant have a theory of both....

- Again the whole 'all friends' are in on it is hard to believe. How can anyone, especially parents themselves, suddenly stick by parents that 'accidently' killed their kid.

Something to think of, just seems not plausible the time taken for the death and concealment to be back as if nothing happened. But yes there does appear to be damming evidence against the McCanns and thank you again for an interesting read :)

Anonymous said...

Anna, thank you so much for translating this and giving us the opportunity to read it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anna for all your hard work, very much appreciated

Anonymous said...

Great read. Surely the body was hidden in the first instance, nearby. They hired a car many days later and that's where the dogs picked up the smells. None of the times of going to check the kids add up and the father was seen with his friend outside the apartment. Who knows, I've always suspected the parents but the book gives more food for thought.

jean wood said...

Possible child's body hidden in a suitcase:-until can get car and dispose at landfill ?

Unknown said...

I think the McCanns friends would help them as it would be them also facing loosing their children due to neglect. If a child has died due to being left alone neglected all their children where left alone neglected also.The first thing the group done was write up routine of checks to not incriminate themselves in regards to neglect. Not only that but what's to say not all of them are aware maybe just tanner and her partner. Who knows what secrets they could have had on each other before this happened.

Anonymous said...

Excellent account.
I am inclined to go along with Richard D Hall's account (on youtube). He illustrates that no proof exists of Maddy being alive after the second day of their holiday, thereby giving the McCanns plenty of time to concoct a false series of events and to contact Clarence Mitchell.
If a body had been in the back of the car two weeks after the event it would have needed to be kept in a freezer somewhere.
If peadophilia was an issue, involving all Tapas nine, then all would need to collaborate on a story for their own security.
Maybe high ranking peadophiles in Britain were keen to support the McCanns to avoid being exposed themselves.
The McCann's links to alleged peadophile Clement Freud, and his son who apparently is married to Rupert Murdoch's daughter, all add to the intrigue.