Thursday, 2 August 2007

It's BIG news! Gerry's poorly!

Good God! The Times reports that around 150,000 people in Kenya are in danger of losing their livelihood if the Soil Association withdraws organic certification because of the air miles the produce travels. According to Sky News, it's BIG news that Gerry has a stomach bug and the campaign is having to be placed on hold. Gerry has produced new posters. Well, the old ones were suffering somewhat from over-exposure, weren't they? And he has made a new film for the campaign. Can't wait! (Eyes to ceiling!)

Kate has been busy. She has a done series of interviews for womens magazines and the Sunday newspapers, which took all afternoon! Cor! Love a duck! She must have been exhausted! Bet the morning was busy too, what with dropping those kids off at the creche and getting her hair done for those interviews.

Another trip to the airport, this time to pick up Kate's parents, who will be staying for a week. Must be a great help with the twins. After all, according to an article in the Daily Mail, Kate is spending more time than ever with those children; she is there at lunch time, dinner time, bath time and bed time. What a mother! Manages to fit in all that time with her children, in spite of a busy schedule of interviews, hair appointments, jogging and by the looks of it, adding to her wardrobe. Can't appear in public in the same clothes too often, my dear, when one is an international celeb!

Sky News

I wrote about Sammy Osborn the other day, the 15 year-old who has been missing from her home in Buckinghamshire since April 3rd this year. Gerry, Sammy's mother is spending a great deal of her time raising money for a charity for missing children. What are you doing, Gerry, to help Madeleine, never mind other missing children? Operating a cab service from the airport, welcoming your friends and relies for a free holiday in the sun, making posters and films and planning your next jaunt, to Spain this time. Turned over any stones lately, Gerry?

Jeez! I never thought I could get this cynical!