Saturday, 1 December 2007

Anonymous Said.......

Copied from the comments section of this blog!

"Anonymous said...

Dear Anna Silvestro

I have just found your post on Samantha Osborn and I can tell you; after seeking legal advice from Google`s legal department you are in breach of data protection act and copyright; A notice of Copyright theft and data protection breach has been submitted to Google CA who will now be taking the matter forward with Police.
It is my understanding that Samantha herself has kindly requested that you remove this content about her, why have you not?? Is it because you want to make everyone know that she USE to be missing or the simply fact you are a sad loner that has nothing else to do than to put their nose into others private lives.
Wind your neck in, and respect Samantha`s wishes.
As regards Samantha`s boyfriend, her future plans what the hell has that got to do with you????????!!!!!
As regards your silly little blogspot, shall I point something out that you might like to add to your blog about this case as you refuse that to remove this content, which will happen as there is now an investigation underway by Google CA and CA legal services, is that she has been found.
She is happy you fail to note, you fail to note that infact Samantha was being subject to violent abuse by her mother, serious violent abuse.
All of which is supported by medical evidence and witnesses.
Samantha is 16 years old, she can do as she pleases, make her own mind up on what she does in HER life, that is not for you to talk about on here on your sad low-life blog, your pathtic!!!!!!
But do you know what is really vile is that you have not respected Samantha`s personal request for this post to be removed, which means you dont give a single toss about her or her feelings; meaning to anyone with a brain reading this that your a sad low-life who just wants to TRY and not allow Samantha to move on from her past.
As for her parents being ashamed, yes I bet they are, for abusing a defenceless girl, why not pick on someone their own size???!!!
Maybe that poster infact is Samantha`s mother who has made mutiple false allegations against Samantha`s boyfriend and left many comments pretending to be another person.
I will end on a final note, being a friend of Samantha`s, I know that she is happier than ever and that the best thing she ever did was getting away from her vile mother who tried to murder her; with such medical evidence supporting such.
I also know one last thing, whatever you say on your silly little blog, whatever anyone says it will not break Samantha and her boyfriend up, it will not get Samantha down, Samantha is stronger than ever.
I wish you good day and happy receiving notice of legal action from Google in due course.


01 December 2007 05:59"

Now, Roxcy, why should Google take legal action against me for information which is available on a police web site? Do tell!

Disclaimer: please note, any allegations in the above comment by Roxcy are the sole responsibility of the poster, Roxcy, and are not the views of Anna Silvestro.


Isabelle said...

Hi Anna,

Take no notice..this person has no leg to stand on!!!

Warm Wishes


AnnaEsse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Isabelle said...

Your welcome Anna

Warm wishes


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am Maureen, Samantha's grandmother, and I would just like to make a comment about the problem of Sammy.
Although I have read every word about Sammy,I have never made comment, but feel it is my duty to do so now. Until she met this person on the net, she was a very caring and loving girl, highly intelligent, never a bad word to anyone, or about anyone. She was very good at school and had numerous friends, her best being her brother Jack. This has now all gone and whatever happens we will never see the old Sammy again. This person "anonymous" ( that is of course if it is the boy friend doing the e mails) and we all know who he is has ruined her life and the rest of the family. When Sammy was here in Cyprus on holiday last year, there was no problem with her, she was going to come back this year and we were looking forward to it. When we went to U.K. in April, I asked Sammy if she would keep some quality time for me and her grand dad, her answer, I will have to ask my friend first and if it is O.K. then I will. What girl of 15 has to ask another's permission to go out with a relative. My daughter would never abuse Sammy they had a wonderful relationship. We know she is not herself but we love and miss her and hope that one day she will be free to go home to those who love her

AnnaEsse said...

Hi Maureen,

Thank you for your message. I am quite shocked by much of what you say, especially about Sammy's asking her friend if it was OK to spend time with her own grandparents. For me family comes first, and in your case, since you were on a visit from Cyprus, and Sammy did not see you very often, lots of time should have been set aside; you should have been the priority.

It must be so sad for you to see your grand-daughter change so much, from a loving, caring young woman who was doing well at school, to someone who suddenly left her home and family and left them to worry about whether she was dead or alive.

Sammy obviously has a loving family and lots of really good friends who care for her and I hope that one of these days she goes home, though as you say, the old Sammy is gone for good.

Very best regards,


Isabelle said...

Hi Maureen... I believe that underneath all this Sammy is still that loving and caring girl...I hope for you all that one day Sammy will be free to go home..

Take care..xx

AnnaEsse said...


I do hope you're right. The Sammy I hear about from family and friends is the girl who looks after vulnerable creatures, who visits her grandparents and is loving and caring. That person is surely not gone for ever. Perhaps one day that Sammy will wake up and know that it's today....the day to go home.

Best regards,