Sunday, 20 January 2008

Maddie: New sketch reveals face of kidnapper suspect.

(Images above from left to right: sketch of man seen in roadside cafe in Belgium, August 2007, with a child who looked like Madeleine; composite image of Belgian sighting and latest suspect; sketch of latest suspect. )

The News of the World was the first with the news of the new suspect in the Madeleine McCann case.

Granny Gail Cooper, 50, was staying just 600 YARDS from the McCann family's Portuguese holiday flat when she had THREE separate chilling encounters with the moustachioed mystery man."

Mrs Cooper's sightings of the, "creepy man," were on April 20th and April 22nd.

Jane Tanner, friend of the McCanns, who was on holiday with them and who described a man she claimed to have seen carrying a child at around 9.10pm has commented on the latest sketch.

"Jane has now told the McCanns: "The man in the new suspect picture strongly resembles the person I saw on May 3rd."

Yet Jane's previous descriptions ranged from a, "man carrying a bundle that could have been a child," to a very precise description of the way the man was carrying a child in, "distinguishable," pyjamas just like the ones Madeleine was said to have been wearing on the evening she disappeared. The sketch drawn from Jane's description did not have a face as Jane said it was too dark to make out his features, but now she can identify a man with a very, "distinguishable," moustache!

On the same day that Mrs Cooper first saw them man as he was walking alone along the beach in the rain, the man who, "..made my blood run cold," turned up on her doorstep, saying that he was collecting money for an orphanage. She was very suspicious of him and if the New of the World is correct, her feelings were spot on.

"We can confirm the orphanage does NOT exist and that there is no evidence of the fatal car crash. Mrs Cooper saw the man a third time, two days later on April 22, as she lunched with her husband Jonathan at Bar Habana on the beach."

The NOTW can confirm that the orphanage does not exist? So, how about this Daily Mail report from September 7th, 2007?

Daily Mail 8th September 2007

"Nor is it the initially well-meaning, but now ill-advisedly slick publicity campaign being masterminded by failed Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate and party activist Justine McGuinness - a freelance PR who recently had to be dissuaded from arranging a photocall for Kate McCann at a Portuguese orphanage."

Would that be the orphanage that doesn't exist?

We now have a suspect who looks remarkably like the late George Harrison and yet another witness who is a health care worker. How come so many of these witnesses work for the health service? The woman who spotted a child in Morocco was a health care worker, as was the woman who spotted the child at the roadside cafe in Belgium. Maybe there was a special offer from Thompson's or some other tour company for health care professionals during April and May 2007 and Europe and North Africa were crawling with them. By any kind of law of averages, would most of the sightings be by people who worked in health care otherwise? Maybe just another of those funny things, eh Gerry?

(See images at top of post. The image on the left is of the man seen at a roadside cafe in Belgium in August 2007 with a child who looked like Madeleine. The image on the right is a sketch of the latest suspect. In the middle is a composite with the latest sketch superimposed on the sketch of the man seen in Belgium)


gill said...

Does anyone know if Jane Tanner has been to the optician lately?

Firstly bundleman was most definitely Robert Murat and now this odd looking guy is the very same bundleman.

Sorry but I don't think this sketch resembles Robert Murat at it just me who is confused

AnnaEsse said...

Confused? Do you recall that original sketch that was shown around Praia da Luz, the egg with hair? Jane Tanner's descriptions have changed so much over these months, from Eggman, through the mn who might have been carrying a child, to the man who was carrying Madeleine. Every description, though, was without a face as Jane Tanner said it was dark and she had seen the man from behind. Now, with just a sketch of a face, she is certain it's the man she saw, when the face was the main part she had not seen!

And Clarrie et al really want us to believe this?

gill said...

Whatever has happened,if this ever comes to court they will never be able to select a jury who can be impartial,there has been far too much public confusion

AnnaEsse said...

Seems to me, Gill, that confusion is an objective of the McCanns and their crew. It is amazing to me that official suspects in a major crime investigation are allowed to mount their own investigation and hold police-type news conferences. I read today that there is another photofit coming of the other charity collector that someone thought was shifty. How many more? Praia da Luz seems to have been crawling with dodgy geezas in May 2007.