Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Please Send Cash In An Envelope!

I have just been reading details on the Daily Mirror forum about what Clarence Mitchell has said on Talksport!

That is what Mr Mitchell has just said.

I kid you not. He has just been on the radio and encouraged people to bypass the relatave accountability of the fund and just send cash to Kate and Gerry in an envelope like "people all round the world are doing"

I am flabbergasted."

(Posted by, "TiredOfTheBS")

Ok, if it's alright for the McCanns, it's alright for me! Here's why I think I deserve your cash! I was a lone parent as my children grew up, never left them on their own and did all sorts of low-paid jobs while they were at school so that I could be at home when they were. Now, I am back in teaching, but at my age (mind your own business!) I haven't got much chance of a permanent job. So, I work for an agency; no sick pay, no holiday pay and no pension.

I have never regretted being a stay-at-home mother, but I think I deserve to receive cash in envelopes as much as the McCanns do. So, please leave messages and I will give you my Paypal ID or address for those lovely envelopes!

Thanks Clarrie! Oh and by the way, any good money-laundering tips? I really don't want to have to pay tax on my well-gotten gains!

TiredOfTheBS on the DM forum


Isabelle said...

OMG how low can the Mscams get??

AnnaEsse said...

I know, Isabelle! I was brought up to have some kind of pride! When I read soon after Madeleine disappeared that Gerry was popping up to the Tapas Bar for free bottles of wine and beer, I was appalled! No pride and no shame!

Isabelle said...

I know Anna..Its makes me so sad that it is never about little Maddy.

Its a scam and has to be stopped!!
I signed the petition and hopefully it will be enough to put a stop to the film...This is all so tasteless and shows no respect for only fills their pockets.

Warm Wishes

AnnaEsse said...

Hi Isabelle,
That fund of theirs was set up just 12 days after Madeleine disappeared. Can't recall when their tacky online shoppe was set up, but that in itself is so grubby! Best sellers and buy a wristband get a poster free! It looks like the online equivalent of a car boot sale. Actually, though, my local car boot sales are much more tasteful than that tacky shoppe dispatching merchandise from a garage in Ullapool!

Best regards,