Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Retardo3 Do it Again!

A brief quote from a Spanish newspaper today.

Madeleine is not in Morocco or Bosnia or Belgium and she is not at the bottom of the lake. She's in Spain (again!)....or maybe Belgium, according to the latest theory from Metodo3, the agency hired by the McCanns.

"The private detective agency from Barcelona Method 3, contracted by Gerry and Kate McCann, are investigating thoroughly the Costa Blanca, from Valencia to Alicante. According to Francisco Marco, head of Method 3, Madeleine was selected by "spotters" in circles of paedophiles and then abducted "to order". She was later carried via Morocco to Spain or Belgium, a country with a sad record on child prostitution. "

(The above unashamedly lifted from the DM forum, with thanks to, "Ern.")

El Semanal Digital

Well, we've recently had hordes of witnesses turning up after eight months, claiming to have seen Madeleine in the clutches of Robert Murat's girlfriend, to have seen Bundleman, or to have seen a child just like Madeleine somewhere in the world. All seem to have been dismissed by the PJ as not credible or have been investigated and not useful and the body in the lake was reported and dismissed some time ago. I suppose if you're being paid £50,000/month, you've got to come up with something, especially if your company has moved to plush new offices! And well, the PJ may be arriving in the UK any day, or if the rumour on the DM forum is true, the PJ flew into Birmingham airport today, Tuesday, around lunchtime. So, I guess there might be a bit of panic brewing and the need to come up with something!

Let's hope the PJ will be interviewing the Tapas Crew very soon. Two new arguidos could be named? Wonder who? I'll put my Pennies Jar on Jane Tanner and Russell O'Brien, based on JT's changing stories, the tapas staff member saying she never left the table and Russell O'Brien's having been absent from the table most of the evening and if JT is involved, then I don't see how he could not be, or at least not know about it. So, folks, there's probably about a fiver in my Pennies Jar. Wonder if the local bookies if offering odds!

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