Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Stop the Mccanns Movie Deal

OK folks. There is a new petition if you want to make it known that you object to Maddie The Movie! The original has become so infested with filth that another has been set up.


Sky News confirms that talks about a movie deal took place in December and that this will be discussed at the scheduled meeting of directors in Rothley tomorrow, Wednesday 9th January.

Sky News

Her parents are considering giving permission for IMG to make a movie or documentary.

Their spokesman confirmed to Sky News Online that a meeting with the firm took place last month.

But he said Gerry and Kate McCann did not attend and stressed nothing has yet been agreed.

Clarence Mitchell said a film would only be considered if the McCanns believed it would help raise awareness of the case or help fund the private search for Madeleine."

What private search? In an interview soon after Madeleine disappeared, Jane Hill of the BBC told Kate that some of the local people of Praia da Luz had been off work for a week searching the surrounding area for Madeleine and did she, Kate, feel like getting out there with them. Kate's reply was that she was doing other things, making posters and organising publicity.

And what of the sightings? The early sightings in Morocco were apparently judged by the McCanns as the most credible, but rather than head off there first, they flew around Europe in a private jet, "raising awareness." When they did manage to reach Morocco, how much searching did they do? Did they trawl the areas where Madeleine had supposedly been seen, showing photographs and asking people if they had seen Madeleine or to keep a look out? Did they go round the market places, where there might have been people from all over Morocco, handing out posters? No! They had meetings with dignitaries, they complained about the plane sent to transport them and they accepted flowers from small children!

Then there was the letter sent to a newspaper in the Netherlands, with a detailed map of where a psychic thought the body might be. Wouldn't any parent in that situation be at least a bit worried, especially as the letter appeared to come from the same person who had given accurate details of where to find a body the year before? No, Gerry was busy fetching friends from the airport!

By the way, there is a rumour circulating that one of the Tapas Crew is in Portugal, making a new statement.

Has the Tapas1 broken ranks and decided to spill the beans? If so, who could it be?

Another excellent forum!


This forum is excellent for archives of articles from the Portuguese press and for news items you might not find anywhere else.

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