Sunday, 3 February 2008

Madeleine McCann: Lawyer pays divers to search the Arade Dam

Correio da Manha 2nd February carries a story about the lawyer Marcos Aragon Correia, who claims to have been contacted by an, "underworld source," on May 6th, three days after Madeleine disappeared, with information that Madeleine had been killed and her body had been dumped in a lake, the description matching that of the Arade Dam. Neither the Portuguese nor the British police have shown interest in searching the lake, according to the lawyer. So, he is funding a search himself by the looks of it. Or maybe someone else is funding the search, but who would do that?

Since last Thursday, according to Correio da Manha, Aragon Correia has had a team of divers searching the lake. The report states that there are five divers from a company based in Lagos. The lawyer insists that the dam is the most likely place where Madeleine's body will be found. The team found a strange rope apparently, about 5 metres long and made up of belts and other items tied together. This was found under a bridge at a depth of about 7 metres. (The lake is 61m at its deepest point.)

Correio da Manha 2/02/08

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