Saturday, 9 February 2008

Madeleine: photographic anomalies

A search on Google Images for Madeleine McCann brings up thousands of images. On various forums, posters have been trying to place at least some of the photos in a timeline of Madeleine's age. Have a look at the photo above, said to have been taken not very long before the holiday in Portugal. The curious thing about the photo is that Sean looks as though he is about the same size as Madeleine. I know Madeleine was said to be small for her age, but surely little Sean, as a just-two-year-old was not the same size? Note the T shirt Sean is wearing.

Now, have a look at the photo on the right. This one is of the McCanns with the twins, Sean and Amelie, in September 2007, soon after their return from Praia da Luz. Sean is wearing the same T shirt! I would have thought that a two year-old would have grown in five/six months, but Sean does not look older in the September photo and he doesn't look bigger. How could that be?

There don't appear to be many photos of Madeleine from the Praia da Luz holiday. Most of the publicity photos, apart from that last one by the pool, seem to be of a much younger Madeleine. I would have thought that by the Thursday of a week-long holiday there would be lots of happy holiday snaps, but where are they? The most recent ones would surely have been better publicity photos for identification purposes. So, why are most of the publicity photos for posters of a much younger Madeleine? Children change so quickly at Madeleine's age and she looks so different in the recent photo by the pool to how she looks in the poster photos, I doubt she could be identified very easily.

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