Sunday, 17 February 2008

Mari Luz’s family rejects a joint campaign with Madeleine

Ok, I'm at it again! I have lifted this translation off the Three Arguidos forum! Well, I was always told to acknowledge my sources when I was a student. This translation comes from the poster, Kazlux.

The Three Arguidos is the best forum around for intelligent debate on the Madeleine McCann case and for finding information gleaned from many sources otherwise unavailable in the UK press.

Mari Luz’s family are considering legal measures because of the posters showing their daughter and Madeleine


Mari Luz Cortés’s family today requested the immediate halting of the distribution of posters in Portugal that show their daughter next to Madeleine McCann, they will also study possible legal measures with regard to this.

In statements made to journalists after a meeting with Manuel Chaves, Mari’s father, Juan José Cortés, confirmed that the family “had not given their permission” because “it is not the appropriate strategy to mix both cases nor that Mari Luz should have to be related to the case of Madeleine”.

“They are two totally different cases with two lines of inquiry that are completely different” according to Juan José Cortés, who announced his intention of making a complaint before the British Embassy “so that a reprimand is made to the person responsible for this”.

The family is planning to travel to Rumania, Portugal, France and Morocco to distribute posters of Mari Luz."

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