Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Encore un nouveau témoignage: Another new witness statement

Enfants Kidnappés March 4th

"Visite des parents."

"Les parents de Madeleine, Kate et Gerry, ont visité une "association d'aide aux enfants disparus" de Richmond. Ils ont rencontré des représentants de East Sheen, oeuvre de charité dont l'objectif essentiel est: " les enfants disparus en Europe". Les parents se sont montrés très intéressés sur le rôle de la Fédération Européenne pour les Enfants Disparus et Sexuellement Exploités ainsi que sur leurs travaux. Kate et Gerry ont montré un intérêt particulier sur leur nouveau programme de recherche qui vise à combler les lacunes dans les informations actuellement disponible sur le nombre de personnes disparues, pourquoi elles disparaissent et l'impact sur ceux qui restent."

The Parents' visit

Madeleine's parents, Kate and Gerry, visited a Richmond based, "association to help missing children." They met with the East Sheen representative of the charity, whose essential objective is: "missing children in Europe." The parents showed great interest in the role of the European Federation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children as well as in their work. Kate and Gerry showed particular interest in their new research programme, which looks to fill the gaps in the information actually available on the number of missing people, why they disappear and the impact on those who are left behind.

De nouveaux témoignages"

"Madeleine serait sortie en cachette du Portugal à l'aide d'un jet-ski affirme un couple britannique. Ils disent avoir vu un homme sur la plage de Praia Da Luz le lendemain matin de la disparition de Madeleine."

New witness statements

A British couple states that Madeleine was taken stealthily from Portugal with the aid of a jet-ski. They say that they saw a man on the beach at Praia Da Luz, the morning after Madeleine disappeared.

(This is interesting because the Daily Mail of the same date states, A British couple saw a package being bundled onto a jetski on a beach just six miles from where Madeleine McCann went missing.

So, according to this article, it wasn't the beach at Praia Da Luz, surely!)

"L'homme portait un "colis suspect" sur ces genoux alors qu'à l'aide d'un jet-ski il a rejoint un bateau amarré au large. Selon ces touristes, le colis "était assez gros pour contenir le corps de Madeleine". Le couple a fait une déclaration à la police portugaise et le couple a affirmé "croire fermement à ce qu'ils ont vu et être certain que cela pourrait être relié à l'affaire Madeleine". Il est toutefois intéressant de noter que c'est la première fois que la presse britannique, dont est issu cette information, fait état d'un témoignage ne parlant pas de Madeleine en vie accompagnée d'untel mais bien de son corps dans un paquet! Notons toutefois que la presse ne précise pas s'il s'agit d'un corps en vie ou non."

The man was carrying a, "suspect package," on his knees while using a jet-ski and he joined a boat moored offshore. According to these tourists, the package, "was big enough to contain Madeleine's body." The couple have made a statement to the police and they stated that they, "firmly believed in what they saw and are certain that this could be related to the Madeleine case." It is, however, interesting to note that this is the first time that the British press, in issuing this information, refers to a witness statement which does not speak of Madeleine alive, accompanied by somebody, but of her dead body in a package! It is noted, however, that the press is not precise about whether it is a living body or not.

38.6% des portugais pensent que les parents sont coupables."

"Selon un sondage pour le Correio da Manha, 38,6 pour cent des portugais pensent que les parents de Madeleine ont fait disparaître le corps de la petite. Par contre, 30,7 % considèrent que les parents n'ont aucune responsabilité dans ce qui s'est passé et 30,7 % n'ont pas d'avis sur la question. Ce sondage, pas si anodin que ça, n'apporte pas de réels informations sur l'affaire ni de véritables avancées. Toutefois ils nous a parut opportun d'en parler. Dans une dépêche d'agence tombée à l'instant, le porte-parole des parents, Clarence Mitchell se dit satisfait des résultats du sondage du quotidien portugais."

According to a survey for Correio da Manhan, 38.6 per cent of Portuguese people think that Madeleine's parents concealed the little girl's body. On the other hand, 30.7% consider that the parents bear no responsibility for what happened and 30.7% have no opinion on the subject. This survey, though not insignificant, does not carry any actual information about the case nor any real progress. All the same, it seemed appropriate for us to mention it. In an immediate reply, Clarence Mitchell, the spokesman for the parents, said he was satisfied with the results of the Portuguese Daily's survey.

As far as I can tell, Enfants Kidnappés is usually accurate about details in its reporting. So, it seems odd to me that the author is reporting that the man on the jet-ski was seen on the beach at Praia Da Luz and the UK press is reporting that he was on a beach six miles away. I'm sure the beach at Praia Da Luz isn't that long.

Another odd thing is Clarence Mitchell's being satisfied with the results of the survey. Basically, more than 50% of those who voiced an opinion think that Kate and Gerry McCann concealed the body of their daughter. I don't think that would be satisfying to me if I were one of those involved in this case, especially if I were an official suspect. However, since public opinion is not what matters if this case goes to court, the results will not affect the final outcome.

Inspectors from the PJ are expected to visit the UK very soon to question three of the friends who were on holiday with the McCanns in order to confirm their initial statements. There has been much speculation about what evidence the Portuguese police may or may not have, and we have the reported statement from Clarence that there is an innocent explanation for any evidence the PJ may or may not have. However, since evidence in this case is subject to Portuguese laws of secrecy, I guess we will have to wait and see.

We can only hope, for Madeleine's sake, that there will be a resolution to this case in the not too distant future and we will finally know what happened to her on the evening of May 3rd, 2007. I spent months, praying, in the fervent hope that Madeleine would be found alive and unharmed, but that hope has gradually faded and, like many others, I now believe that Madeleine probably died on or around May 3rd 2007. My hope is now that her body may be found and she can be laid to rest.


mariana faithful said...

I think all these so-called visits to missing children's orgs are part of their pr plan orchestrated by Mitchell.
I think it would have been silly of him to say he was not satisfied with the survey.
Imagine the can of worms, he would have unleashed by suggesting otherwise.
Good work Anna.

AnnaEsse said...

Thank you, Mariana. I think those two behave more like celebs checking their latest popularity ratings than parents who have lost a child.