Sunday, 23 March 2008

Enfants Kidnappés: archived articles from October 2007

This is a long series of articles from October 2007, which appeared on the Enfants Kidnappés site. All are in English.

It is very interesting to look back at what was being written at that time in online journals like Enfants Kidnappés.

The above three photos are of Madeleine, taken during the holiday in Praia da Luz. Something quite intrigues me in comparing the three photos. The photo in the middle shows a child who looks proprtionately like a three/four year-old. The child on the right, in the small photo, appears to have longer legs! Do you think that if the child in the middle photo bent over like that, that her legs would look so long and slim or that those trousers would not slip up round her ankles just a little? To me, the child bending over in the small photo looks more like a six/seven year-old. My eyes must be deceiving me!


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Thank you anonymous for the above interesting links.

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I really don't even wish to imagine why you should post such a venomous tirade against an individual who is totally unrelated to the post about archived material in Enfants Kidnappés.

Someone has clearly rattled your cage somewhat and you seem to be quite obsessed. I suggest that you seek medical help.

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Anaesse: (thanks to You by your thanks-Outono)

And now from "
Paraíso - the search that I do.

It is very nice and good to re-read ( I write in portinglês)this blog also.

"Polícia Judiciária has a video with Madeleine, on May 3, eating an ice-cream with her father, at a restaurant in Praia da Luz. The images were recorded by a private surveillance camera from restaurant “Paraíso”, between 5.00 pm and 5.45 pm, May 3. In the video, Madeleine is seen playing and dancing with her father, at the terrace of the restaurant, near the seaside.


Duarte Levy (Rothley) and Paulo Reis (Huelva)

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Ah anonymous, 222.127.228, who posted just a few minutes ago. Best laugh yet! You really are getting into your fantasies now!

BTW, I found all sorts of pornographic stuff when I Googled your IP address. I guess you're hiding behind a proxy though, but are you using the same proxy when you post on those porn message boards?