Monday, 17 March 2008

False reporting of Madeleine in Sydney.

"Faux signalement de Maddie à Sydney"

La police australienne est intervenue après un appel signalant la présence de Madeleine McCann dans une station de trains, au centre du quartier d’affaires à Sydney. Une fois encore il s’agissait d’une fausse alarme car l’enfant, une fillette aux cheveux blonds, était bien accompagnée par son père."

The Australian police intervened after a call indicating the presence of Madeleine McCann in a train station in the business quarter of Sydney. Once again it was a false alarm as the child, a little girl with blonde hair, was accompanied by her father.

Le temps que la police arrive, le personnel de la compagnie de trains surveillait discrètement le "suspect," un homme dans la quarantaine portant un béret noir. L’information à été révélé ce matin par le journal australien Daily Telegraph " (photo de Stephen Cooper)

By the time the police arrived, the train company's staff were discretely watching the, "suspect," a man in his forties wearing a black beret. The information was revealed this morning by the Australian journal, the Daily Telegraph.

"Depuis sa disparition, il y a presque un an, un nombre important de personnes, un peux partout dans le monde, ont affirmée avoir aperçue la petite britannique. Si certains témoignages sont considérées comme suspects par les autorités, notamment au Maroc, d’autres sont vus comme le résultat d’une trop grande médiatisation."

Since her disappearance, nearly a year ago, a significant numner of people, from all over the world, have claimed to have seen the little British girl. If certain witness statements were considered as, suspicious by the authorities, notably in Morocco, others were seen as the result of too much media attention.


CM said...


Oughtn't you address another matter of "false reporting"?

Now that Gerry and Kate McCann have been declared innocent by the Express stable of newspapers, hasn't the time now come to issue an apology of your own?

Your blogger status does not render you immune from prosecution.

I have been saving all of your defamatory postings to a format suitable for projection onto the wall of a courtroom.

The McCanns are INNOCENT.

The McCanns are POWERFUL.

The McCanns are UNTOUCHABLE.

AnnaEsse said...

Am I the madam you are addressing? If so, I don't think I have accused the McCanns of anything, simply reported what is written, mostly without comment.

The Express has said the McCanns are innocent? Since when is the Daily Express a judge of guilt or innocence? Only a court can decided that. No charges have been laid. The police may decide that there are no charges to answer, but we have not reached that stage as yet.
I imagine that the Express editors meant that the McCanns are innocent until proven guilty, which is the right of every UK citizen, under UK law.

I don't know what you are implying by the McCanns being, "untouchable." Surely they are just ordinary citizens of the UK, whose daughter is missing. I doubt they would be impressed by being called, "untouchable."

Anonymous said...

Sorry annaesse but you have been part of the whole conspiracy!

Your daughter may not gossip but i'm afraid you do. This is more than just reporting what you read.

AnnaEsse said...

Please don't be sorry or afraid on my account. You really shouldn't worry about people you don't know...children who are missing maybe...but not adults.

mariana faithful said...

Anna have you noticed the man on the right of the photo?
He looks like he comes from Morocco.

@ cm
Since when a newspaer decides the guilt or innocence of anyone?
I agree with you, the McCanns are powerful.
Untouchable? Nope!
The Express group had no right to word the statement as they did.
If the High Court, has accepted it as it was read by Mitchell, then there something very wrong with the system of justice in the UK.
But of course it was only a civil lawsuit, not a criminal case which could have decided someone's innocence.

@ anonymous 01:58
Conspiracy? What are you talking about?
The McCann's were and are still aiming at people's emotions and this is how they accumulated all the money, from pensioners and little children.
It was them who refused to answer 40 police questions.
It was their friend Taner who had "seen" the "abductor".
Jeremy Wilkins did not see her or the "abductor" that night.
It was Lori Campbell of the Sunday Mirror and the McCann friends who have accused Murat and ruined the man's life.
If you want to discuss more facts, I can oblige you and please tell the McCann's to prosecute me too.