Monday, 10 March 2008

Portuguese police arrive in the UK

I haven't seen any news on TV or on news agencies' web sites yet, but I have heard that the PJ flew into Birmingham airport earlier today.

From Enfants Kidnappés:

Lettres rogatoires" "Dans la suite des épisodes concernant les lettres rogatoires, on apprend qu'entre un et trois détectives portugais seraient partis pour les R-U. Notons, qu'il serait prévus de multiples interrogatoires qui ne se limiteraient pas qu'aux amis et parents. On parle d'un minimum de 14 personnes qui seront interrogés par la police britannique assisté de leurs homologues portugais."

Rogatory letters Photobucket

In the follow-up to the episodes concerning the rogatory letters, we have learned that between one and three Portuguese detectives will have left for the UK. We note that multiple interrogations are anticipated, which will not be limited to the friends and parents. There is talk of a minimum of 14 people who will be interrogated by the British police, assisted by their Portuguese counterparts.


This is very interesting news. Previously, I had read that three people were to be interrogated by the British police; Russell O'Brien, Jane Tanner and David Payne. If this is true, that a minimum of 14 people will be interrogated, then I wonder who the others are. There is much speculation on internet forums this evening; the two nannies who worked in the Ocean Club creche; Jez Wilkins, who was the person on holiday at the same time as the McCanns, who chatted with Gerry outside the apartment on the evening of May 3rd; friends and family of the McCanns who received phone calls following the discovery that Madeleine had disappeared.

Rumour has it that the PJ will be in the UK for three days, departing on the 13th. I wonder if the UK press will follow their progress, or if any news will come from reports in the Portuguese, French and Spanish press? If the news from Enfants Kidnappés and talk on the forums is accurate, the PJ will have a few busy days. Good luck to them! I do hope that their visit will serve to move this investigation forwards.

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