Saturday, 15 March 2008

Telecino5: update on Mari Luz autopsy news

Telecino5, the Spanish TV channel has reported more news on the two autopsies, carried out on the body of little Mari Luz Cortés.

The body of Mari Luz was found in the Ria de Huelva a week ago and there have been two autopsies carried out, one at the request of Mari Luz's father Juan José.

The sad news being reported in what Telecino describes as the, "definitive, " results of the autopsies, is that Mari Luz died by suffocation, before being thrown into the water. Injuries to her head and ribs were also ante-mortem.

"The child’s father, Juan José Cortés, has called for time to ‘cry in silence’ and says that he will fight to find who is responsible and to see them pay for what they have done.

Police say they think a local person may have seen Mari Luz with her killer, but is too frightened to come forward."

(Translation of news report by bugalugs1970 on the Three Arguidos forum.)


mariana faithful said...

What a horrible death for a little child like Mari Luz.

Anonymous said...

I think what you mean is what a horrible death for anyone not just Mari..Sometimes Mariana you don't have a very good way with words.

Anonymous said...

The death of a child is horrible no matter what has happened.

All children are children-what does ' for a child like Mari' mean?

What kind of a child was Mari? why was her death horrible in comparison to another childs.

You seem to say there is a good way and a bad way for children to die depending on who they are? Strange.


AnnaEsse said...


I don't think Mariana meant that Mari Luz was different, just that she was a small child. That was my understanding of what she said.

mariana faithful said...

@ anonymous
I am sorry this comment has caused any pain. Mari Luz was a very small child and this kind of death is just horrific.

@ Carole
I agree the death of any child is horrible. Please try not to twist my words. I cannot even begin to imagine Mari Luz's horror and suffering. It is not the same as a child dying from an illness or an accident.

Anonymous said...

Mariana I did not try to twist your words and I am sorry if you thought that way. All I am saying is... pick your words carefully and be careful how you say them...

And most of all be careful who you choose as your online Friends????

Please don't come back at me and ask 'What do you mean'