Saturday, 1 March 2008

That doggie can sniff through concrete!

Eddie, that amazing doggie, trained by South Yorkshire police officer Martin Grime, has been helping the Jersey police with their investigations at the former children's home, "Haut de la Garenne." Here is some information from the BBC about Eddie, his training and his remarkable skills.

BBC 26/02/08

A child's remains were discovered under several inches of concrete at a former children's home in Jersey after police bought in dogs to search the site. But how can they sniff through concrete?"

Eddie is described as, "an advanced human remains discovery dog," in the UK press and as a, "cadaver dog," in US parlance. By Philomena McCann, Eddie is referred to as, "Lassie," who would bark at anything! So, Philomena, now that Eddie has found human remains under several inches of concrete, do you really think he barks at anything or that he reacted to the scent of soiled nappies and rotting meat?

Jersey Police said the seven-year-old dog located parts of a child's body even though they were buried under several inches of concrete. So how did he do it?"

The specialist training techniques - which are highly confidential - were developed by Eddie's handler Martin Grime, along with the UK's National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) and America's Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)."

We don't discuss what the training involves, but it's a lot more than putting bits of meat on the ground for them to hunt out," says Mr Grime, a retired South Yorkshire Police officer who now works as an independent consultant."

"A standard sniffer dog is like a basic tool. An enhanced dog goes through much more training and is a lot more discriminating about smells, basically its nose is super sensitive. It's also about getting the dog to really focus on a task."

Other dogs have to do other police duties but mine work full-time in this area, making them very sharp and highly skilled."

The dogs have been used by police forces across the world and were called in to help with the Madeleine McCann investigation."

So, there we have it! Eddie has not been trained using bits of meat nor do I imagine is he fooled by bits of meat in the course of his work. He is specially trained to sniff out human remains and he has shown his effectiveness in Jersey by sniffing out the skeletal remains of a child, hidden, it is thought, since the 1980s.

Will this help Philomena to change her mind about, "Lassie."? Perhaps it will give more credence to the way that Eddie reacted to traces of bodily fluids alleged to have been found in the vehicle Kate and Gerry McCann rented 25 days after their daughter's disappearance.

Eddie's reactions are not thought to be solid evidence in themselves and the samples analysed by FSS are reported to be, "inconclusive," but there are probably a few people changing their minds about the reliability of Eddie and his friend Keela.

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