Sunday, 20 April 2008

Daily Mail: Madeleine special investigation? Not by the Mail it seems!

Daily Mail caption: "Focused: Gerry and Kate McCann are as committed as ever to finding their daughter Madeleine"

Well, yes, they do look rather focused...on something...but this photo, to my knowledge, first appeared in September 2007, as published here on September 14th.
I wonder why the Daily Mail couldn't have found a more up-to-date photo, perhaps one of Kate and Gerry Rothley?

The above is the formal family photo published by the McCanns soon after Madeleine disappeared. How old would you say Madeleine was at the time? Well, she is 20 months older than the twins, who look, shall we say, about 6 months old in the photo? So, that would make Madeleine 2 years and two months in the photo.

Madeleine McCann on her second birthday with Kate and great-aunt Nora

This is another of the photos to appear in Saturday's Daily Mail feature, with the above caption:

Now, if Madeleine was about two years and two months in the family photo above, surely the child being held by great-aunt Nora is not celebrating her second birthday! I look at the cake in the photo, and seeing pink and blue icing intertwined, it rather looks to me like it's the twins' birthday cake.

According to the Mail's info, the Madeleine in the family photo above would have been two months (at least) older than the Madeleine in the birthday photo.

Go on! Compare those two photos! If the Maddie in the family photo is at least 2 years and two months, can the Maddie in the birthday cake photo be 2 months younger?

I wonder why the Mail couldn't get its information right? They have headed their feature, "Madeleine special investigation," but that's rather ironic, in my opinion, since they don't seem to have done a great deal of investigating to get their own facts right.

Daily Mail 19/04/08

Given that the Daily Mail has probably just searched its archives for a few photos, and by the looks of it made a few little errors, what do you think the text?

It seems to have been all quiet in Praia da Luz when the article was written; no searching going on. However, it's nearly a year since Madeleine disappeared. In the first few hours after her disappearance, hundreds of people were out searching. Some local people took a week off work to search. Did Kate join in? Not according to an interview with the BBC's Jane Hill. So, why should the Daily Mail's reporter be surprised or concerned that nearly a year on, there is no searching going on and very few posters?

If the Mail's reporter perhaps thinks that there should be fresh searches in the area, or more posters being put up, why not persuade Kate and Gerry to pop over there, have a good look round, and while they're there, maybe they could co-operate with the reconstruction and answer the questions to which they gave, "No comment," during their interviews in September.


Unknown said...

Well do you think investigative journalism is dead?
If we take Madeleine's case as an example, "The Times" and the "BBC" just to name a couple, haven't done any better.
This case looks like a conspiracy to misinform and mislead the public.
Have a nice day Anna and thanks for your insight.

AnnaEsse said...


Thank you for your comment. I think there has been a very definite lack of investigative journalism in this case, though I don't know if this is a general trend or peculiar to the McCanns. The Daily Mail has just published for the sake of having something, it seems to me, and those photos just show how out of touch the Mail's journalists are.

Very best regards,