Thursday, 31 July 2008

Madeleine McCann: Correio da Manha articles in English

Articles published by the Portuguese journal Correio da Manha are available in translation on the Joana Morais blog. Translations by Joana and Astro.

Some recent titles:

Kate tried to hide twins’ tantrums - Correio da Manhã

McCanns Pressured Judiciary Police

Gonçalo Amaral Admits That Investigators Protected the McCanns

PJ report vs. Amaral's book - a comparison in three parts

Kate tried everything to accuse Robert Murat- Correio da Manhã

Policeman irritates Kate for not offering coffee - Correio da Manhã

Kate managed the news and controlled the English - Correio da Manhã

Madeleine McCann: Reversed Investigation

The Truth of The Lie by Francisco Moita Flores

Kate McCann Forced Political Pressure on the Investigation

Here is the link again:

Thank you, Joana and Astro for all the work that's obviously gone into making these articles available in English.