Saturday, 2 August 2008

Correio da Manha 2/08/08: Goncalo Amaral responds to Clarence Mitchell

Correio da Manha 2/08/08

Translation courtesy of Carilina at the 3 Arguidos.

"Discover the differences."

"A criminal investigation does not have to be politically correct."

"Those who knew me through Social Communication got an opinion based on my connection with the so-called Maddie Case. During the investigation and after being separeted, I was a target of the most terrible accusations from the British press, some local commentators and a man named Clarence Mitchell, whose role is not very well understood. On the eve of the publication of the book you already know, this gentleman was sending me threats : "that I should take care" - I was stunned!

Let me make it clear that I consider this to be an unacceptable tone, coming from a citizen of the oldest democracy in the world. Take care, why? Because I might step on a banana peel while walking? Is Mr Mitchell concerned about my health? I do not think so. We all perceive his threatening tone.

In Portugal, we are not used to people speaking that way. Nor is this the view we have of the British people, but there are always some people that fall out of standards. A criminal investigation need not be politically correct, nor fear veiled threats. The book only contains facts and contains no indictment. So the differences stand out."

Gonçalo Amaral, former coordinator criminal investigation