Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Enfants Kidnappés 12/08/08: It's not Madeleine in Molenbeek, Brussels.

Another excellent article from the Association Enfants Kidnappés about the little girl seen by the security guard at a bank in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean in Brussels. I think the British press is finally catching up with the, "Breaking news," that actually appeared in the Belgian media at around 11pm on Monday.


It's not Madeleine, contrary to a certain press. We are going to give you a little reminder of some real facts, as they happened, without all the modifications and inventions of the press.

On Monday August 4th, the security guard, Alain, employed by the Securitas company and seconded to cover security at KBC's administrative headquarteres in the Avenue du Port, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, one of 19 urban areas of Brussels, was in his post in front of the bank towards 10.30 in the morning. His attention was drawn to a young woman and a little blond girl walking past the bank. The little girl was blond and the woman with her seemed to be North African. His gaze followed the, "strange pair," the woman and the little girl made. It wasn't until two days later that he would inform his superiors. The latter immediately called on the services of the police.

Alain stated to the police:

I was working at the front of the branch. I noticed this little blond girl, accompanied by a woman of Moroccan origin. I was immediately struck by the obvious difference between the girl and that woman. I was drawn by the words of the little girl, who said, as part of a sentence, that I didn't hear the beginning or the end of, "...I GO BACK..." (Editor's note: and not, LET ME GO HOME as stated by a certain bad press!!)

The little girl was dressed in a white shirt, over which she was wearing a white sweater. She had on a dark grey skirt with a tartan checked pattern. Below her skirt, she was wearing white stockings and shoes. The little girl had very clear blue eyes, very clear. As I was mostly paying attention to the little girl, I didn't get a very good look at the woman who was with her. However, I can tell you that she had brown eyes. I didn't see her hair, but she was wearing a scarf on her head. She was dressed in quite a modern fashion. After they had gone past, I went back into the back. I didn't manage to remember where I had seen that little girl before. The next day I was on leave. As this little girl was going round in my head, I did some research on the internet. That was how I came across photos of Madeleine McCann. I then thought I had recognised the little girl. I wasn't sure. First of all I told myself that it wasn't possible, that I must be mistaken. But as time went on, my conviction grew. On my return to work, I informed my superiors. They contacted the police.

On arrival, the police proceeded to questioning Alain V. the bulk of which is detailed below. Then the police officers looked at the 5 videos captured by the surveillance cameras. One of the police officers there suggested asking the area inspector if he knew anyone in the area who might look like the little girl. The report was prepared and all the details were sent to the Missing Unit of the Federal Belgian Police. At that time, the press were not aware of the guard's witness statement. Not for long....

Getting to the bottom of the case.

Following the SOS Madeleine article about the guard's witness statement, the British press, who were seeking at all costs to discredit Belgium in the eyes of their readers, making Belgians out to be people who wallowed in prostitution and as paedophiles satisfying our fantasies with children, grabbed hold of the case. From then on there were journalists from various tabloids in Brussels: News of the World, The Mail, The Daily Mail and the Mirror. Only the, "SUN," went to Ghent instead of to Brussels. Strangely, the, "SUN," was accompanied by a member of the Missing Unit of the Federal police who guided them through what had taken place in the incident at KBC. The next day, the, "SUN," published online the 5 videos of the case which were intiially sent to the Missing Unit of the Federal Police. According to our information, the, "SUN," paid 40,000€ for these videos.

Then, the,"SUN," resold them to SKY News for the tidy sum of 100,000€. Still according to our information, the purchase of the videos was made through the intermediary of someone whose son had done a work placement in the UK with the, "SUN," and the father (whose identity we are not going to disclose) was very close to the investigation. Thus, for money, he would have leaked information and sold documents in violation of the article of the Belgian Penal Code on professional secrecy to which the police are bound! From then on the press jostled with each other in Molenbeek. The Mirror even had three teams, one of whom had the task of following the, "SUN," team and to be right behind them everywhere. At that time, the newspapers disinformed the public by disclosing false information. Thus, the, "SUN," stated that: "The Belgian police recognise that it could be Madeleine."

Absolutely false information since at that time, the investigators already knew that it wasn't Madeleine. The Daily Mail journalists did interesting work. They went into all the shops and cafés in the area around KBC and placed posters with photos of the woman and the little girl, bearing their telephone number. These posters bore fruit. The little girl's father became angry when he saw photos of his daughter plastered all over his neighbourhood. He went home. He got onto the internet. He saw the images disclosed by the, "SUN," and he immediately understood the importance of the matter and went to the police. The young pregnant woman who was with the little girl was none other than her nanny.

Note that the guard's statement was in good faith. He was not seeking to attract attention. As you look at the videos, you can't help being worried by a certain resemblance in appearance. In addition, the little girl indeed speaks English. We have seen the little girl and the resemblance with Madeleine is truly striking. We would have fallen into the trap ourselves.

Association Enfants Kidnappés: 12/08/08