Thursday, 14 August 2008

Madeleine McCann: The truth and nothing but the truth.


The press, or rather a certain press, whether from one country or another, are distorting, inventing and misinforming the public. With the only concern being to increase their circulation, certain media are inventing more incredible stories, some more than others. And we are not only talking about the tabloid, "The Sun," of which most people don't believe a single word. The press played with publishing images published thousands of times last year, claiming that these were new trails not followed up by the PJ. All of that is false.

All of these trails are nothing new and they were checked by the PJ as they should be. A simple example amongst all others, apart from all the crazy stories about Belgium, is the story of the couple who were allegedly seen with Madeleine three days after her disappearance. A drawing (above), published in the, "Mirror," was done by an artist based on the statement of a witness: Anna Stam. But, this trail was indeed checked. The results of the investigations are on page 191 of the case file. The famous couple were identified, questioned, and finally ruled out. The press knows it. It's in the report! I can understand that it is how this type of newspaper makes its money, disclosing false information, since this information is sensational. I imagine that if they all continue to publish any at all it is because they have a public who enjoy it. This association is not judging their readers.

But we can ask questions here about the parents' reaction and that of their spokesperson. We don't understand why they participate in this farce! The witness was invited to the UK to meet the McCann parents and Clarence Mitchell. The portrait was published on the parents' web site. A telephone number is even given. However, Clarence Mitchell, the McCann parents and their lawyers all have a copy of the case file. As a consequence, they all know that these people have been identified and questioned! There is the feeling of acting in a great stage play. A bad play.

We don't need to lay into the British press! That would be too easy and not a little biased. The Portuguese press is not exempt from sensational articles. Thus we can read in some parts of the press that Kate's personal diary is a fake according to the investigators in charge of the case. A fake meant to influence the investigation. In reality, the truth is slightly different. I have already explained to you in a previous article that the personal diary of a suspect has little value in the eyes of the police, knowing, precisely, that this diary could serve to influence the investigation or divert suspicion. This is why police all over the world, don't take it into account. Even if the personal diary is seized, it is only for information, in the event that a detail could be found, but under no circumstances as a piece of evidence. The Portuguese jumped to a conclusion a little too quickly. It's not the first time either.

What does that say? That everybody lies? Of course not. There are journalists, journalists and media who work conscientiously. It needs to be realised that the Portuguese Public Prosecutor handed over 11,000 out of 30,000 pages of the case file to the press. That means that there are still 19,000 pages which are still covered by the secrecy of justice. Clearly, this means that the press has no more information now than before. Everything in those pages has already been disclosed and published over more than a year now. In these pages, there is nothing new! Nothing that hasn't been talked about already. The important issues of the case are in the remaining 19,000 pages!

For our part, we have decided to present all the details of the case file to you. Thus over the next few articles, we are going to present the comments from the police, the questioning of the witnesses and suspects, the facts, the places, the times, the dates etc etc. Everything that's in the case file, without adding or taking out the least comma, so that the contents are in one sense or another, wholly transparent, so that you will no longer be manipulated by anyone, and you can form an opinion based on the real details contained in the case file. We will publish it for you and we will add each time a photocopy from the case file to corroborate what we write. We will add, where necessary, a commentary clarifying the police approach and various aspects of the case file. And to begin with, in every police report, there is a document which the police must have already asked you for on different occasions: your identity card and/or your passport. So, we start with the identity card of the missing victim: Madeleine Beth McCann.