Monday, 25 August 2008

McCann case: one of the Oakley International detectives infiltrated a paedophile network.

Duarte Levy et Paulo Reis

"There aren't 36 ways to infiltrate a paedophile network....There are only two: that is you are a victim or you are an oppressor, " explains a spokesperson for the Belgian Federal Police, confronted that night with the information from the British media that one of the detectives working for Kate and Gerry McCann allegedly infiltrated a paedophile network in Belgium.

According to the British media, quoting a source close to the McCann family, one of the detectives of the Oakley International Agency allegedly used some of the 600,000 euros paid by the Find Madeleine Fund in its efforts to infiltrate a paedophile network in Belgium.

"We are not aware of the existence of a paedophile network, especially one with the characteristics claimed by the British media. Unfortunately, we have paedophiles in Belgium, in the same way as they exist in the United Kingdom where, I think, their number and importance is far greater than in our country," states the same police officer, stressing that, "Belgium is known for the Dutroux case, but it mustn't be forgotten that England had Ian Huntley. In this particular case, if the McCanns' detectives have infiltrated a supposed network or approached paedophiles in Belgium, why haven't they informed the relevant authorities?"

According to the latest information, Oakley International, a supposed detective agency, is no longer working for the McCanns, after six months of a relationship that hasn't produced any results to speak of, but cost the fund set up by Kate and Gerry McCann after Madeleine's disappearance, 600,000 euros.

Like the Metodo 3 Spaniards, Oakley International, supposedly made up of former British and American intelligence agents, was supposed to operate the McCanns' hotline, investigate several leads and analyse possible images of Madeleine from new witness statements.

To be continued.

Duarte Levy et Paulo Reis


Anonymous said...

The author of Vanished spoke to paedophiles whilst researching.

They confirmed several things; a child of Madeleine's age would be of no use/interest. Paedophile gangs do not target places like Luz, preferring densely populated cities.

PJ checked all sex offenders in the area as a matter of course.

Better that Madeleine died accidentally in her parents apartment, for which overwhelming evidence was found and publicly released. There is no evidence of an abduction, only evidence of a syndicated abduction.

Team McCann use the word 'paedophile' regularly. Not a word or term used by either police force in Madeleine's case.

It's a contradiction in terms to print the words 'paedophile' alongside 'being alive'. Childrens' lives are short lived.

The author of Vanished was told by paedophiles that childrens homes are prime targets. No less than 86 milk teeth were found (thanks to Eddie & Keela) in the Jersey case.

AnnaEsse said...

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