Thursday, 2 October 2008

Enfants Kidnappés 30/09/08 - disappearance of Antoine de Brugerolle in Issoire (France) Summary Part 2

Enfants Kidnappés

28 septembre 2008

Searches suspended.

The search for little Antoine, aged six and a half, reported missing on September 11th in Issoire (Puy-de-Dôme) has been "suspended" for now and will be taken up again on the "slightest development," in the investigation, we learned on Saturday from the Clermont-Ferrand prosecutor, Jean-Yves Coquillat.

"We are at a stage of the investigation where the search has been suspended and will be taken up again on the slightest development," M. Coquillat told AFP.

The latter stated on Friday that the investigation into Antoine's disappearance, "had only begun," and that he, "was not excluding any theory," including the child's "family circle."

During the day, on the basis of witness statements, the gendarmes had combed, in vain, the Suc wood and surveyed a neighbouring body of water, in Vernet-la-Varenne (Puy-de-Dôme) the village Sébastien, Antoine's mother's partner, comes from. Witnesses had stated having seen individuals throwing a bag into that pond.

Meanwhile, Antoine's mother, Alexandrine, aged 23, remanded in custody in Clermont-Ferrand on Wednesday and then released on Thursday without charge, spent the day with her lawyer in order to constitute herself as a civil party in this case.

She said she was, "exasperated," and "sickened," that she should be suspected of "having harmed her kid," in an interview on Saturday in the daily newspaper La Montagne. "That's the truth. I love my son. I miss him," she told the newspaper.

Her partner Sébastien, a dropout aged 29 and also remanded in custody on Wednesday, was held but in the context of a separate case of trafficking in narcotics.

Six others who were remanded, friends of the couple, aged 20 -30, were also released on Thursday without charge.

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