Thursday, 30 October 2008

(Updated) Leonor Cipriano: Fellow inmate says she was beaten up in prison.


"We beat her up (Leonor) because nobody likes child killers."

"The bruises on Leanor Cipriano's face were not done by the inspectors (PJ)...she was well and truly pasted in prison after her arrival. In prison, nobody likes child killers," states a former fellow inmate of Joana's mother, stressing that after that assault, "Leonor had favourable treatment on the part of the director." The fellow inmate goes further and maintains that there were never any bruises on Joana's face or body even after the assault she was the object of at the Odemira Prison, contradicting the truth of the photos presented to the Faro court.

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The revelations made to SMM, according to this former inmate, are not new, but have not been taken into account by the PJ: "When I found out what they had in mind (Leonor and the director) I sent a letter to Faro, but I didn't sign it, because I still had time to serve and I didn't want any problems."

If, since the assaults which she alleged she was the victim of, Leonor has always stated that Gonçalo Amaral. the former coordinator, had never touched her, after the arrival of the lawyer Marcos Aragão, she states the complete opposite, changing her version several times in the course of the trial.

Update: 31/10/08

A case with several dangerous connections.

In the course of the recent court sessions, a former head of prison officers has meanwhile confirmed as abnormal, the behaviour of the director and her strange relationship with Léonor: according to him, the head of the establishment allegedly even suggested that he should change the contents of a report written about Léonor Cipriano's return from the PJ at Faro with a few red marks on her face.

The head prison officer, Antonio Maia, who has been heard as a witness, indicated that he was on duty on October 15th and that Léonor Cipriano, on her return to prison, confirmed to him that she had indeed fallen down the stairs after her interrogation in the PJ building in Faro, because, quoting Joana's mother, she had experienced dizziness after several hours without food. Those are the statements, recorded in Antonio Maia's report, that the director, Ana Maria Calado, allegedly suggested that he change.

To be continued...

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