Monday, 17 November 2008

Denise Pipitone's mother Piera given award for courage.

Piera Maggio's, "war." A petition to support Piera Maggio, mother of Denise Pipitone, who disappeared on September 1st, four years ago, in her "war." This document is circulating on the Web. It introduces the, "Document of Trust." Promoted by the Let's Find Denise Association, it asks women and mothers for their moral support for activities in aid of children.

This document asks for the expression of an act of trust so that this is not only Piera's "war," but a battle for the right to a peaceful life for all children. The petition has been sent to more than 200 women's associations, amongst them professional, cultural and humanitarian groups. In Catane, last Sunday, Piera was awarded the special prize, the, "Maugeri-Amenano" Silver 2008 for the courage she has shown in the four years of searching for her daughter Denise.

Enfants Kidnappés 16/11/08

More about Denise can be found on the above web site.

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