Friday, 14 November 2008

Maddie: revelations about the PJ mole taken up in Portugal - silence in the UK.


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Imagem1.jpgThe disclosure of details of the video interview by a Spanish detective, denouncing the leak of confidential information about the work of the PJ's team of investigators in the Madeleine McCann case has been taken up in Portugal while in the United Kingdom total silence reigns about this information.


Yesterday, the journalist Hernani Carvalho published an article devoted to this revelation where the PJ's former coordinator of the Department of Criminal Investigation, Gonçalo Amaral, states he knows what it's about, but he thinks the time is not right for giving clarification. According to statements from the former head of the investigation into Madeleine McCann's disappearance, he is still waiting for the legal action the McCanns have threatened him with, because "on that occasion, there will be a lot more to say and to reveal."

Today, the journalist Luis Maneta, in the daily newspaper 24 Horas, returns to the subject for which he has tried, without success, to get a reaction from the PJ's national directorate.

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