Wednesday, 10 December 2008

The Abduction Alert plan allowed a newborn to be recovered.


It is thanks to the launching, on Tuesday evening, of the Abduction alert plan that a newborn, abducted the day before from a maternity unit in Orthez, was found today by the French gendarmerie at the home of the woman who had taken him from his cot while the mother was having a shower.

The little boy, born two days before, was found this morning 'in good health' at the home of the woman who had abducted him, in Billère, Pau. She was arrested and placed under the provision of the law which, according to the words of Erick Maurel, Prosecutor of the Republic, "will be capable of understanding a moment of confusion, a moment of personal difficulty and what will be strongly appreciated is that the child is returned to the mother."

According to a source from the gendarmerie, it was the brother of the 48 year-old woman, a long-distance driver from the Jura region, who called the Jura gendarmes, who forwarded the call to their colleagues in Pau, after having received a telephone call from his sister telling him that she had given birth, which seemed eminently suspicious to him.

The woman matched the description given by witnesses and transmitted by the Abduction Alert system: "A woman in her forties, overweight, tall, wearing a black coat." The arrest "took place in a reasonable manner, there were no problems" and little Diango returned to his mother's arms after routine medical examinations.

Rachida Dati, who recently defended the creation of an Abduction Alert system in all European countries, as the European authorities have been proposing for several years, wished to congratulate the Pau Prosecutor of the Republic who took the initiative to launch the Abduction Alert plan, a plan which "has just proved once again it's effectiveness."

Enfants Kidnappés

According to the account from the gendarmes, the little boy was found thanks to the telephone call from a man indicating that his sister had told him she had just given birth while, to his knowledge, she was not pregnant.

"Having seen the abduction alert, this gentleman made the connection and called the circulated telephone number to report that course of events in case it was linked to this case." Bertrand Ponty, commander of the Aquitaine Gendarmerie told Reuters. In late morning, the investigators went to this woman's home, in Billère in the Pau region (Pyrénées-Atlantiques) where they found the baby who was taken into their care. The woman, who was alone in the apartment, was remanded in custody, he stated.

One hundred and fifty gendarmes were involved in the search.

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