Monday, 8 December 2008

Enfants Kidnappés - Jane Tanner: an imitation of an interview.

Enfants Kidnappés

The Jane Tanner rogatory interview is also being published, in French, on the Enfants Kidnappés web site. This is the introduction to the first part:

Taped interview.

The events took place at the beginning of April 2008. Each member of the group known as the "Tapas 7" was interviewed by the British authorities. The request was made, as I am sure you remember, by the Portuguese authorities.

The purpose of their new interviews was to update the inconsistencies and above all to see the changes from each member in comparison with their previous statements. This is important, because from the PJ's point of view one or several members of the group were lying in their statements. We are in the middle of an investigation concerning the disappearance or abduction or killing (murder or not) of a little innocent four year-old girl: Madeleine.

To this end, it is totally inconceivable to allow witnesses, who could at any time become suspects, to read, even only to skim through, their previous statements. It was like this, however, that their mock interviews took place, to the detriment of the most fundamental code of ethics, trampling underfoot the search for the truth. Poor Madeleine.

(The first part of Jane Tanner's statement, up to the point where the fire alarm went off, is available here: Enfants Kidnappés)

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