Saturday, 17 January 2009

Antoine Brugerolle: mother caught out lying to the investigators.

Alexandrine Brugerolle with her son, Antoine.

Le Figaro 14/01/09

The noose tightens around the mother.

Alexandrine Brugerolle, who maintains that she cannot drive and could therefore not have transported her child who disappeared on September 11th 2008, lied to the investigators on this point.

The incident, however trivial, has strengthened the investigators and magistrates in their belief that the mother of little Antoine, reported missing since September 11th, is not telling them the whole truth. On January 8th, Alexandrine Brugerolle de Frayssinette was stopped at the wheel of a white Peugeot 106 on the A75 autoroute, driving in the Issoire-Clermont direction (Puy-de-Dôme). But, since the beginning of the investigation into her son's disappearance on September 11th last, the young woman has insisted that she doesn't know how to drive. "On several occasions, she has even used that argument to attempt to brush aside our suspicions in maintaining that, without a car, she couldn't have transported her child out of the town of Issoire," a source close to the investigation reveals.

Driving in a car registered in a departement of the Côte d'Azur, along with a man who was in an inebriated state in the passenger seat, Alexandrine Brugerolle was stopped for questioning at around 8.30pm by officers from the transport police who were amazed to see her vehicle zig-zagging on the autoroute. In spite of the evidence, the young woman told the officers she that she held a driving licence which she claimed to have left at home. Hearing nothing since then, the gendarmes have summoned her for immediate questioning about her false statements. Since the start of the investigation, the gendarmes have been astonished by the silence and other inconsistencies that riddle the account given by Alexandrine Brugerolle. A witness states having seen her driving a white Peugeot in the days preceding her child's disappearance? She rejects this as impossible since she doesn't know how to drive.

"Profile of the ideal guilty parties."

The investigators discovered in her bank statements that she bought large capacity bin bags twenty-four hours before reporting the unusual absence of her son? She simply explained to them that she had mistaken the size and took them back to the shop without delay - without the supermarket having apparently kept any trace of that exchange. Annoyed at having these details quoted in the press, Alexandrine Brugerolle has recently spoken out several times, considering that the investigation was focused exclusively on her. "Since the start, the prosecutor has been seeking to destroy my reputation because he has got it into his head that my partner and I, because of our criminal record and our alternative lifestyle, have the profile of the ideal guilty parties," she explained at the beginning of October.

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