Saturday, 3 January 2009

SOS Madeleine McCann: The child has been rescued in Egypt, but the Portuguese PJ are still not convinced.

Maddie found safe and well. (*)

1037179703.jpgThis Tuesday, the world woke in astonishment: the little English girl who had disappeared in Praia da Luz, Lagos, on May 3rd 2007, has been rescued alive and apparently in good health by a special forces team of the Egyptian army, which has broken up an international human trafficking network.

Maddie was only one of 50 people - amongst children and older women - rescued by the authorities, in a property located in the Cairo area, where that organisation was keeping people in captivity who had been kidnapped all over Europe.

Aware of necessary apprehension, Sky News did a live broadcast on Maddie's liberation. Immediately afterward, the British Child Protection organisation placed a preventative welfare order before the United Kingdom's High Court to prevent the disclosure of images of the child by tabloids and television.

The McCann couple have taken themselves off to Cairo, the absence of tears on the part of the mother, Kate McCann, being very noticeable.

PJ sources told VISÃO that these results have not convinced the Portuguese police, who have meanwhile already invited the McCanns to come to Portugal to be interviewed. Nevertheless, ex-inspector Gonçalo Amaral has already announced that he is busy writing a new book: Maddie, the sequel.

Pope Benedict XVI has prayed for the McCann family, and José Socrates has sent a message of congratulations to his British counterpart, Gordon Brown, ending the telegram with an enthusiastic Cool, man!

c2cb7ed2789448c683b0dfc92f304bdb.jpg(*) This article is published in the current, on sale, edition of the Portuguese magazine VISÃO, whose title means vision....It's not about a vision - in any case not in the style of the psychic lawyer Marcos Aragão Correia -, but rather about "news that we would love to bring," in 2009.

That is meanwhile the title of the special issue of the magazine, written by the journalist Filipe Luis and based on ideas from the editorial staff of the daily. It remains to be seen if the British media, some incited by the McCanns' spokesman, will start a campaign against the journalist and the magazine, as was the case with the Spanish blogger José Antonio Pérez, victim of pressure and censorship after the discovery of am imaginary interview with Madeleine McCann.

Duarte Levy (**)

(**) Happy New Year 2009



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Wow thank you army boys...

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Is this true, is she really found?

AnnaEsse said...


I wish it were so, but it's an article of news the magazine would love to be publishing.