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SOS Madeleine McCann - The Cipriano case: Léonor changes her story once again and accuses the uncle of having killed Joana.



Léonor Cipriano, mother of Joana, the little girl aged seven, who disappeared in the south of Portugal in December 2004, has once again changed her version of the facts, this time about the death of her daughter.

Tried and sentenced for Joana's murder, Léonor Cipriano is involved now in the trial of five Portuguese PJ inspectors accused by the Public Minister of having committed acts of torture against her.

Yesterday, as her lawyer, Marcos Aragão Correia, had elsewhere "predicted", on the occasion of his book launch, Léonor Cipriano accused Joana's uncle of having killed the child after having tried to sell her.

João Cipriano.jpgAccording to Léonor, in a document signed yesterday in prison, João Manuel Domingos Cipriano allegedly killed Joana after having failed to deliver the child to her purchasers.

Today, at around 4pm (3pm in Portugal) Marcos Aragão Correia, Léonor's lawyer, accompanied by Joana's step-father, António Leandro David Da Silva, will read a press release, at the entrance to the Faro court where the trial of the PJ inspectors is taking place. After the press release, the document, a total of eight pages, will be handed to the Public Minister.

A case revived for the advantage of the Madeleine McCann case.

Marcos Aragão Correia.pngAfter lying around for several years in the drawers of the Public Ministry, during which time, different prosecutors have never succeeded in establishing with certainty if Léonor Cipriano was really assaulted and by whom, it took the Madeleine McCann case and in addition, a "divorce" between the police and the magistrates, for five PJ inspectors to be accused of acts of torture...amongst them the head of the investigation into Maddie's disappearance.

Surpisingly, Gonçalo Amaral only became an arguido in this trial after having considered Maddie's parents as suspects in the disappearance of their daughter, which any police officer would have done, given the various elements of the investigation.

Even if all the specialists are in agreement in considering that the Joana Cipriano case has no relation to the disappearance and death of Madeleine McCann, the British media (and some Portuguese) have been encouraged to "revive" this story in order to implicate the head of the investigation for the PJ, Gonçalo Amaral.

Now, four years after the murder and the disappearance of Joana's body, Marcos Aragão Correia, the lawyer who has worked with Metodo 3's Spanish detectives hired by Kate and Gerry McCann, has also become Léonor Cipriano's lawyer and continues to want to link the two cases, seeing the work of Gonçalo Amaral in both.

"Regardless of everything about the Cipriano case - where he doesn't give a damn - if Marcos Aragão Correia succeeds in tarnishing Amaral's image, he would at the same time restore the McCanns' image," a PJ specialist in communication states, stressing that, "this was the objective plotted with the Spanish."

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