Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Updated - SOS Madeleine McCann: Gerry McCann has returned to Portugal

Maddie's father has returned to Portugal.

Gerry McCann 250807.jpgGerry McCann arrived in Portugal today where he met the lawyer Rogério Alves. Maddie's father also had talks with various people linked to the Portuguese government, notably thanks to the intervention of the British diplomatic authorities in Lisbon who accompanied him.

He assured journalists that it is the first of, "many visits," to set up new operations in the search for his daughter, but he refused to explain what operations and why he had not considered it appropriate to cooperate with the PJ in the past.

Gerry and Kate McCann left Portugal in September 2007 after being constituted arguidos by the Portuguese authorities, since when the couple have always refused to return to Portugal and to cooperate with the PJ, notably in the reconstruction of the events of the night of May 3rd 2007.

According to a Home Office source in London, Madeleine McCann's father, before undertaking his journey to Portugal, obtained every guarantee that he would not be bothered by the Portuguese authorities.

The investigation into the disappearance and death of his daughter Madeleine has been placed on hold awaiting better evidence on the decision of the Public Minister, who has refused since then to reopen it, this in spite of requests introduced in that direction, bringing new elements.

Gerry McCann has allegedly discovered the desire to work with the Portuguese authorities.

On arrival at Faro airport for a two day visit without the company of his wife Kate, Maddie's father today expressed his intention to cooperate with the Portuguese authorities in the search for his daughter who disappeared in May 2007, considering that there was still, "a good chance that Maddie could be found alive and well."

Without explaining why the couple did not, themselves, request the reopening of the investigation while there was time, Gerry McCann wanted to stress his, "willingness to work with the authorities, as much as possible."

According to Maddie's father, he discussed with his lawyer, Rogério Alves, the best way to collaborate with the Portuguese authorities with, "the objective of seeing what could still be done in the search for Maddie," because, he states, the British police and the police of many other countries continue to receive information from different sources, "about what happened to Madeleine," as well as reports of, "possible sightings."

In an interview, Gerry McCann stated that, for the moment at least, he had no intention of taking legal action against the Portuguese State or any other body, including the media, stressing wanting to, "move forward and not back."

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