Saturday, 28 March 2009

Turkey must not be allowed to accede to the European Union.

If Turkey is allowed to join the EU, its citizens will be allowed free movement within the countries of the Union. Turkey is a Muslim country, where there are possibly hundreds of honour killings every year. If people with this kind of philosophy are allowed to freely move to the UK, they will bring their tribal customs of violence towards women with them. This must not happen. The government of Turkey should be told that as long as women are being killed in the name of honour, they are not welcome as part of the Union. I know we have problems with honour killings in the UK already, but it is probably much easier in this country for women to find help and refuge. We do not need the tribal mentality of the men shown in this video.

On this second video we see a man who shot his step-mother and her lover, apparently on the orders of his family, for the sake of honour. The step-mother survived, but her lover died. The man was given a two and a half year sentence for murder. Until quite recently honour killing received a reduced sentence on the grounds of provocation (hard to believe, but true!) but the law has changed and honour killing now carries a mandatory life sentence. This has led to an alarming new development, which has seen women being forced to commit suicide. Istanbul has one of the highest rates of honour killing in the country, with an average of one every week, but the number of young women committing suicide is growing at an alarming rate. The high number of deaths by honour killing and suicide is thought to be a result of migration of people from villages into the towns, bringing their tribal customs with them. Villages to towns to the rest of the EU. No! It must not happen.

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lucy said...

Another huge problem will be that Muslims once encorpated into the European union from Turkey will mean that the percentage of Muslims in Europe overall will quickly approach 50 percent in no time.