Friday, 13 March 2009

Videos from Lutonistan

What on earth is going on in Luton? This past week we've had the vile abuse of troops returning from Iraq. I found this video from 2008 and just had one of those "what the fuck," moments. What on earth is this horrendous rabble about?

Then, there's this one where it appears that naked men are writhing around in some kind of ludicrous display of hysteria.

So, now I return to the goings-on this week in Lutonistan when those soldiers, who were given the freedom of the city some time ago for their service, were subjected to abuse as they marched through the streets. It seems that the protest was not very welcome to most of those who had turned out to watch the march. Well done those people of Luton, who took action and demonstrated quite clearly that this vile behaviour was insulting and totally unacceptable.

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