Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Alex Jones Channel Suspended on YouTube + Jerome Corsi on swine flu.

Each morning I go to YouTube and usually find under, "Recommended for you," the latest videos from Alex Jones. Today, nothing from Alex Jones, but I discovered on the Info Wars site that YouTube has suspended the Alex Jones Channel.

The videos are still there and can be found quite easily. If you go to the Info Wars site and check on the posting, which is on the right, "TODAY ON THE ALEX JONES SHOW," you will find the names of the most recent people Alex has interviewed on the show. This morning, it's Jerome Corsi. What you do then is go to YouTube and do a search under the name of the guest being interviewed and look for the latest entry: scroll through until you find, "seven hours ago," or the latest entry according to date.

The Alex Jones channel was actually set up by someone else, not by Alex, and has notched up millions of views for the thousands of videos posted. The Info Warrior channel is still there with Alex Jones' videos and others from Info Wars and Prison Planet.

Ok, so here is Alex Jones with Dr Jerome Corsi from Monday evening, talking about the swine flu outbreak.





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