Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Prison Planet Needs More Fuel

The Alex Jones YouTube channel was suspended this week after Alex produced an article from the Pittsburg Post-Gazette, holding Alex responsible for some nutter killing police officers, simply because that nutter had visited Alex's web site and left comments.

The Alex Jones YouTube channel was actually set up by someone who admired Alex's work and it quickly achieved the status of one of the most viewed YouTube channels. The Pittsburg Post-Gazette somehow managed to get the Alex Jones channel suspended, claiming copyright infringement! Of a newspaper in the public domain?

Here, Alex is responding to those who have attacked him and asking for people to subscribe to Prison Planet to help this alternative news media keep going.

Folks, you can help Alex and Prison Planet keep going, getting the alternative news to us, bringing the important guest speakers to the air, and producing significant films like "The Obama Deception," by making sure the videos go viral: place them on your web site. You can subscribe to Prison Planet for a few dollars a month or give a donation.

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