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Madeleine McCann: private detectives are looking for an Australian woman who looks like Victoria Beckham.- Updated

Once again, the mainstream media seems to be going overboard with the latest piece if vital information that has turned up over two years after Madeleine McCann disappeared from her parents' holiday apartment.

It seems to be mainly tabloids in the UK, The Sun and The Daily Mail, for example, that are running with this story in a big way. Apparently, a 41 year-old man noticed a woman waiting outside a bar, he spoke briefly to her and two years later, what she said was significant enough for him to contact the McCanns' private detectives, who are now actively seeking this woman. She's small and thin, so maybe she was thin enough to squeeze through the very narrow opening of the window in the Praia da Luz apartment. And maybe she then passed the drugged or sleeping Madeleine to the George Harrison lookalike.

Hang about,, she can't be "Bundleman," because she's too short. But then if her resemblance to Victoria Beckham extends to wearing those skyscraper shoes when she's trundling around a Portuguese holiday resort, helping to abduct a child with the world and its dog checking every few minutes, then it might just be her! Now, they just need to find someone who heard the tell-tale clickety-clack of stilettos on the cobbles as a dark-haired person clopped off towards the marina, carrying a child. She's the right age, according to at least one of Jane Tanner's descriptions and there are so many e-fit portraits by now, the odds are that even I would look like one of them. So, she must.

From Sky News:

One of the witnesses, a 41-year-old British man, had a brief conversation with her.

Mr Mitchell would not reveal what she said for operational reasons, but said it was "potentially significant" to the little girl's disappearance.

He said the woman was then seen having a "heated conversation" with another person in Spanish in a nearby bar. She then wandered off towards a hospital."

She wandered off towards a hospital? Something implied here, of course, even though the hospital may just have been one of many buildings in the general direction in which the woman was going. Or maybe they could make it out clearly through the trees, like apartment 5A from the Tapas bar.

"Mr Edgar said the witnesses had not come forward earlier for "personal reasons" and denied that they were drunk, even though they had visited a number of bars on the night.

He said the conversation took place about 72 hours after Madeleine disappeared - and it was possible that Madeleine could have been taken to Barcelona by boat in that time."

So, "personal reasons," prevented this man from potentially helping to find a little nearly four-year-old who was missing? His wife might wonder why he was approaching strange women in a bar after doing a Spanish pub crawl?

Anyway, this woman, this Victoria Beckham look-a-likie, who has an Australian or New Zealand accent, and who could, let's face it, be anywhere in the world, is being sought by the private detectives. If she exists, then she possibly won't remember the man who wasn't drunk who approached her outside a bar when she was waiting for someone, or maybe even a cab, that didn't turn up.

Update: from SOS Madeleine McCann

"The two men, who, oddly, have waited two years to make themselves known, do not agree about the origin of the accent, but they state that the woman also speaks Spanish or Catalan and described her as being 1.57m tall, thin, aged between 30 and 35. When they met her she was dressed in jeans and a pastel-coloured top.

According to the witnesses, the woman was in the marina of Barcelona's Olympic Port near the "El Rey de las Gambas," bar, where she confused one of the men with the person she was waiting for - The conversation she had with the witness convinced the detectives that she could bring important information to the case.

(Details of the conversation will be in tomorrow's edition of the Portuguese newspaper "24 Horas.")

A spokesperson for the Australian Federal Police has already confirmed that the authorities, "are not investigating these allegations at this stage," adding that the British authorities have made no request for assistance.

At the beginning of this week, the police for the Leicestershire area where Kate and Gerry McCann live, revealed having spent more that 880,00 Euros on the investigation into Madeleine's disappearance, a sum which does not include expenses directly incurred by the British government.

The disclosure of this alleged new lead follows the announcement in Portugal that Gonçalo Amaral was thought to be in the process of bringing together new details that call into question the theory of abduction, details that could allow the case to be re-opened. Gonçalo Amaral was the coordinator of the PJ's Portimao Department of Criminal Investigation who led the investigation into Maddie's disappearance and who ended up being thrown off the case after Madeleine's parents were made "arguidos," in September 2007."

Duarte Levy


SOS Madeleine McCann


Anonymous said...

it's me or it's very similar to the mother?

happygirl24 said...

Listen Im getting "fed up waiting" for chapter 18 so will you "get your finger out" and "get it translated" instead of sitting on your "backside" all day EATING CAKE and "drinking cups of tea". Im disappointed at the way this whole "translation" affair has turned out. "VERY DISAPPOINTED".




AnnaEsse said...


I don't know if you're being serious here, but that's quite upsetting. I don't get paid to do this. I live by myself and do agency work. A few weeks off work, ill, with no sick pay, a car that cost me most of my savings to get through and MOT and I'm having to work all the agency hours I can just to pay the bills. The translation, which I love doing, has been getting done in the little time I have when I'm not working and not absolutely exhausted.

happygirl24 said...

I "live by myself" too but you dont see me "complaining about it" and I live with constant pain in my kidneys, head, eyes and "PLANTAR FASCIITIS" in my feet BUT YOU DONT SEE ME MOANING ABOUT IT ALL DAY LONG.

I dont know where your from but Im "English" and very proud of it and in "England" we grit our teeth and cope with pain and get on with life. Even when I can hardly think straight because of kidney pain I still work on my "investigations" and I have made a "MICROSOFT OFFICE ACCESS DATABASE" where I can "cross reference" all the EVIDENCE and my database MAY VERY SOON BRING THE CRIMINALS TO JUSTICE IN THIS CASE SO I DO "IMPORTANT WORK" TOO BUT I DONT SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS DO I.

It is a very great privilege to be "born English" and you only need to "read" about mister "Churchill" to understand that and you can get books about him from the library and it is a privilege which we should value and not abuse.

If you need "inspiration" you should read about him he was a "very great man" who can still give people "strength and courage in the face of adversity" even though he is dead.


AnnaEsse said...


I can't believe anyone could be as dense as you appear here. I have not been "moaning all day long." In fact, I have not been moaning at all. I have been quietly adding to my translations every chance I get and I am exhausted. I am absolutely knackered! I was up at 6am today to try to get at least a little done. Instead of actually being glad that someone is doing this work, you have the cheek to complain that I am not doing this fast enough for you.
No more of your abusive remarks will be published.

happygirl24 said...

You should go to "BLENHEIM PALACE" and learn about mister "Churchill" because that is the home of his "family ancestors" going back "through the generations". If you find OXFORD on a map it isn't very far from there so you wont get lost but dont use a "SATNAV" because they werent invented when Blenheim was built so it wont be on there and then you would get lost and I dont want you blaming me because you seem to blame me for everything else that "goes wrong" in your life even though none of it is my fault because weve never even "met".

I attended "college" so i have QUALIFICATIONS which not everybody knows about but I dont like to "blow my own trumpet" which is an old English saying from the Norman times but as somebody who has been EDUCATED you can take it from me that if you study the "life and times" of mister "Churchill" you will learn a lot and it will be "a valuable life lesson".

Finish the "translation" first before you do all that though and its still only "august" so you have lots of time before the "cold weather" arrives.


AnnaEsse said...

Happygirl, I am not at all interested in the family history of the wealthy families of Britain. So, although some might view ancestral homes as somehow, "our heritage," it's not mine. My heritage if the history of the working-class people.

Now, I don't seem to have blamed you for anything, unless you infected me with the serious chest infection that kept me off work for weeks or sabotaged my car so that it cost me, what for me, is a small fortune. I have asked you to take responsibility for your comments, which is rather different. Now, unlike the privileged Mr Churchill, I don't have a PM's salary or family wealth to keep me going. So, I have to get on with the jobs that Churchill and his family probably had servants to do.

happygirl24 said...

Despite my education and QUALIFICATIONS it might interest you to know that I have "humble origins" too but that doesn't mean I have to stay there does it so I took "elocution lessons" as soon as I could afford them which were PRIVATE TUITION and expensive but everybody says I have a lovely voice and my elocution tutor said I have a "good singing voice" so I have always been very proud of that.

I moved "onwards and upwards" in life and it is a short sighted and provincial view to believe that just because one was "born in the gutter" one has to stay there. I escaped my "working class roots" and cast them aside and became my own person with "a mind of my own" and you can do it too if you are brave and face the challenge with courage and conviction, and at the risk of repeating myself you can gain that inner strength by learning about mister "Churchill" who as you will know all too well by now has been a great inspiration in my life and a worthy and uplifting "role model". He can change your life too if you will let him.


P.S. If that isn't a sign from beyond the grave then I dont know what is. The "word verification" thing this time is "denablen" and if you look at the last four letters they are the first four letters of Blenheim and in the exact correct order. I have received a sign and you have also. Now you need only the "stoutness of heart" to act upon it.

AnnaEsse said...

So, happygirl, you think succeeding requires escaping one's working-class roots? Very strange!

AnnaEsse said...

And another thing, happygirl, my origins are working-class but definitely not "humble." My family has never been humble and never will be. We have never bent the knee to any upper-class person because we do not see them as being in any way superior to us.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Anna

don't be put off - I'm assuming it's one of the pro's trying to wind you up by using a pseudonym

as for your translations so far - they have been brilliant

I got back from my holiday today & yours was the first site I visited... glad I missed all the posh spice garbage...

thanks again

AnnaEsse said...

Thank you, Anonymous. I'm working through chapter 18 with the help of a lovely Portuguese person because there appear to be bits missing from the French version. It's the chapter about the FSS results and the interrogations. So, I want to make sure it's faithful to Sr Amaral's words.

Best regards,


humanist said...

Go ring out the mop poppet.

happygirl24 said...

Dear "Humanist" if you want to tell me to go and wring out the "mop" then you need to put a "comma" in between "mop" and "poppet" and its "wring" not "ring" are you "stupid" or are you just "ILLITERATE"? When you watch those old black and white films on "telly" Britain didn't used to be like this and thats what makes me so angry because nobody cares any more. People wear "trainers" and "hoodies" and they look like "chavs" and thats the problem.


AnnaEsse said...

Dear happygirl24,

Since you are so keen on good grammar and spelling, I have edited your most recent comment.

First of all, humanist is not capitalized and it does not require quotation marks, since it is someone's assumed name.

Dear humanist,

If you want to tell me to go and wring out the mop, then you need to put a comma in between "mop" and "poppet" and it's wring not "ring". Are you stupid or are you just ILLITERATE? When you watch those old black and white films on telly, Britain didn't used to be like this and that's what makes me so angry because nobody cares any more. People wear trainers and hoodies and they look like chavs and that's the problem.


You only need quotation marks here when you are directly quoting. I have removed quotation marks where they are not needed for words that are now everyday parlance and added a few commas and an apostrophe here and there. Hope this helps.

PS: when you say that people look like chavs, are you saying they're not chavs, that they just look like them?

happygirl24 said...

I mean, HELLO? How much longer are we going to have to "wait"? In the time that you have ALREADY spent "attempting" to "translate" chapter eighteen, 4.6 million children have been born "worldwide", 4,732 "kilometres" of motorway have been "constructed" and 1.85 BILLION chinese "takeaways" have been consumed.



No wonder Britain is a "sinking ship" and no wonder people are turning into "chavs"


AnnaEsse said...

Happygirl, you said:


Excuse me, what money? Money!!! I didn't notice that you had paid me.

Chapter 18 has been translated but not yet posted as I am comparing it with a version sent to me by a Portuguese person to make sure I get the details right. Now, as I am not actually getting paid for this and I do have to go out to work and I must add that I don't have a fund to dip into for my mortgage payments, I have to have an income and that has to take priority.

happygirl24 said...

I can't even get onto "the internet" unless I pay MONEY for my "HIGH SPEED BROADBAND" so when I go "online" Ive ALREADY PAID ENOUGH and I expect everything else to be FREE. Thats the way the internet "works".

Dont "get me wrong" though because I do "sympathise with your position". You are doing all the "translating work" and then "Get em Goncalo" waltzes along and like a thief in the night he copies and pastes and STEALS it all and puts it on HIS website complete with his Amazon "referral links" which HE earns money from so I'd be "spitting feathers" too.

If he wants to have his "own website" then he should get off his "fat arse" and write some content. SOME OF HIS OWN CONTENT.

If I was a teacher and "Get em Goncalo" was in my class I'd make him come to the front of the classroom and pull his socks down and I'd SMACK THE BACK OF HIS LEGS WITH A BIG WOODEN RULER AND THEN HE WOULDNT DO IT AGAIN.


Get em Goncalo said...


I have not pinched Anna's work - I have reproduced it on a blog specifically for Goncalo. I have credited the blog to Anna and my name does not appear anywhere on the blog, nor will it.

I also asked Anna's permission and said I would delete the blog if she didn't approve.

I have also credited other people for their contribution to the site. I felt it important to have a tribute blog to Goncalo and his ongoing investigation - a place where people could see for themselves the amount of effort Goncalo has put into seeking the truth for Madeleine.

Goncalo is being censored in the UK and I felt it important to accummulate his work in one place.

There are many people contributing valuable work towards this case and it would be a sad state of affairs if everyone kept their own work hidden from the rest of the world - what would be the point of spending time translating anything if they didn't want it shared between those who need to see it?

Do you have a problem with that? I don't think Anna does.

happygirl24 said...

Apparently from "observing the evidence with my eyes" this "Get em Goncalo" character might be female so I suppose I should offer a tepid apology "of sorts" for referring to you as male.

Let me "explain" something. When I go into a "shop" and I see a shelf full of "goods" I dont STEAL those goods because thats how miss shop lady earns her living - by selling them for an appropriate "profit". Or if I see a "sculptor" labouring for months creating his latest "masterpiece" i dont STEAL it because i know he will probably want to "sell" it so that he can pay his BILLS because it costs "MONEY" to live in the "modern world".

In the "modern world" there exists something called "the internet" and when I see a "website" with a "donate" thingy and advertisement thingys then my "brain" recognises that the "webmaster" or "webmistress" is attempting to "recoup" some of the costs involved in "building the site" and "generating the content". Content which has taken many hours of "toil" and "difficult translating brainwork" followed by endless hours of typing.

It would be "jolly bad form" to waltz in and TAKE that content and publish it elsewhere and in the world of "the internet" it is "not the done thing". It is not the done thing to even ASK about taking somebody else's content because if people can read the same content elsewhere then what happens to "traffic" on the "originating site"? Yes thats right - it dwindles, and the revenue, "such as it is" dwindles with it.

Search engine ranking algorithms love "unique original content" and with some effort and a good strategy the smart "upwardly mobile webmistress" can achieve a good search engine "ranking", i.e. near the top of the results when a "search term" is typed into a "search engine". When the same content begins to appear on other sites it is no longer "unique" and so a "DUPLICATE CONTENT PENALTY" comes into effect and the webmistress starts the slippery slide towards the bottom of the rankings which I can assure you is much worse than having a bad hair day or having "static cling" on your favourite floral print cotton dress.

I observe with my "eyes", "Get em Goncalo" that you promote your site as being a "collection of links" but it really isnt a link library at all "is it". Its a library of links and "OTHER PEOPLE'S CONTENT", written by OTHER PEOPLE for THEIR sites and that is one of my "pet hates" - that and "chavs". I dislike Primavera "quite a lot" and Im growing to dislike you "in roughly equal measure" but above all of that I dislike people taking other people's website content.

And the story about the wooden ruler and the back of the legs is true because that happened to me when i was tiny at school and I can still "feel the pain" to this day and whatever it was that I did "wrong" which the "mists of time" have erased from my memory i can assure you that i never did it again.


Get em goncalo said...

Do you have a problem with the Goncalo blog Anna? Do you want it removed?

AnnaEsse said...

Get em,

I'm trying to think of a way to stop my translations appearing all over the place. The French version is copyright to Bourin, but I believe this English, since it is different, may be my copyright. In that case, I will copyright it. Since I have given you permission to post on your blog, hold on for the moment. If I copyright it, we could have the first paragraph of each chapter on your blog, with a note to read the full article in the original. I don't know yet.

Very best regards,


Get em Goncalo said...

Fair enough, Anna. When you decide what's best can you leave a message on my blog please so that I can change things accordingly?

In the meantime it's great that people are getting to read this book and I really hope Goncalo gets it published in English so that he doesn't lose out on income that the McCanns can try to sue him for!! The more money he makes the more likely the greedy McCanns will 'go for it' and get him into Court - where he wants to be!

Seriously, I think thousands/millions of people will buy the book, regardless of having read the translations, and it'll sell like hotcakes.

I wonder if it would be worth asking Joana to contact Goncalo to see if he approves/disapproves of the book translations? He must be aware of the translations though and I think you'd have heard from him by now if he wasn't happy. I'm sure he wants the word spread around as much as possible. I don't think he's in this for the money.

As I've said before, the site is credited to you and my name will not appear on it. I just thought it would be a good idea to link all his work and videos in one place and tribute it to him.

I appreciate you don't want to 'lose' your work all over the internet, but think of the bigger picture and how many people are seeing this book and are now, possibly, questioning the McCanns about what happened to their little girl. What you're doing is a very important part of seeking justice for Maddie, and a wonderful way of showing respect to Goncalo's efforts for Maddie and a great many people thank you for that.

The book is absolutely gripping and shocking.

AnnaEsse said...

Thank you, Get em. Would you mind now just posting the first paragraph or two and linking for the whole chapter? I would appreciate that and you will still be helping a great deal to get this out to more people. Thanks.

I am trying to contact Dr Amaral and my email address is being passed on to him. All rights to this work are his and if he doesn't have an American publisher, I am fairly sure I can secure one, not necessarily for this translation. If published in the US, it would be available world-wide through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Get em Goncalo said...

Yes, of course, will do. I'll get on to it tomorrow. Can I suggest you make the font a bit bigger for those who struggle with small font?

Hope you have good luck contacting Goncalo. He could always self publish on Amazon - I don't think even the McCanns can stop him doing that!

Thank goodness for the internet, and those who can translate French to English!


AnnaEsse said...

Thanks for doing that, Get em. And thanks for the suggestion about the font. I have never been sure about the size. So, it's good to have an opinion.

Very best regards,


Get em Goncalo said...

Morning Anna

In light of the fab news that Goncalo is going to self publish in the UK could you let me have the titles of the last few chapters please?

What will you do about the translations now? Will you continue or not? I've put a notice on the blog saying that no further chapters will be posted but would still like the last few chapter titles to whet people's appetites of what's left to read. There's also plenty of links to your blog should you carry on with the translations, but I guess there's a copyright issue now if you do?

Fantastic news about the book though, I can't wait to buy my copy!

Thank you again for the translations to date, the book is compelling reading.

AnnaEsse said...

Get em Goncalo,

What I shall do is carry on translating for myself as much as for anyone else because I understand it better when I have gone through it methodically as I have to do to transcribe.

As soon as Dr Amaral is in possession of the copyright of his work, I shall simply reduce each chapter here to a heading and a brief precis to whet the appetite of the many people who will wish to buy the book.

In spite of what the McCanns have tried to imply, the very fact that Dr Amaral did not have a serious enough business head to retain the copyright of his work, shows that his motives were not simply about money.

Unknown said...

Haha I wouldn't even bother yourself with answering her as she is obviously, how should I put it, erm a sandwich short of a picnic? The lights are on but there's nobody at home? Very strange behaviour indeed lol but quite funny to read if I'm honest. Thankyou for making this available to read by the way I have been engrossed completely.