Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Madeleine McCann: Wednesday 21/10/09 on French TV W9, Sidonie Bonnec reviews the investigation.

TVMag.com 19/10/09

"It's our job to address all points of view, such as in "The Maddie case," our broadcast on October 21st," the journalist Sidonie Bonnec explains, about "Criminal Investigations," on W9.

"Two years after the little girl's disappearance, there are many differences of opinion. With us in the studio will be Gonçalo Amaral, former Portuguese police officer. This is special, because he doesn't have the right to talk about the case in his own country. We will show his original documentary asserting the parents' guilt. With Paul Lefèvre, we will then confront him with the other theory by means of a news report."

Viewers in the UK and elsewhere can watch the live broadcast on the web at 8.35pm, on TVChannelsFree W9 Stream Station, Wednesday 21st October.

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