Monday, 2 November 2009

Maddie: The New Campaign Kicks Off Today.


SOS Madeleine McCann


By Duarte Levy

Kate's time has come.

Kate McCann, mother of the little English girl who disappeared in the Algarve two years ago, is the face of the new campaign which the couple launch today jointly with the English police in London and the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP)
Now that the twins Sean and Amélie are in full-time education, Maddie's mum is taking on a more active role in the campaign which the couple launched nine days after the disappearance and which is now entering, "a new phase."

The new campaign, with the assistance of Lift Consulting, Portuguese PR specialists, is targeted at our country, where the McCann couple say they believe that someone could still hold information on the subject of what, in fact, happened to the child on the night she disappeared.

The launch of the new campaign kicks off today in the British capital where the press is invited to two briefings - "because of a time difference," as confirmed by Claudia Nogueira of Lift Consulting, the first meeting will only involve English journalists, the second being scheduled for the Portuguese press.

The two ex-police officers hired by the couple, David Edgar and Arthur Cowley, believe that the answer to Maddie's mysterious disappearance lies in a radius of 10 miles around the Ocean Club, from where the child disappeared on May 3rd 2007. With the new campaign they say they expect that someone will come forward who will lead them to the answer.

For the moment, Kate and Gerry McCann will not be returning to the Algarve and will see journalists in England, but they say they are in the process of organising a private trip back to Praia da Luz, probably before the end of the year.

"Imagine if it had been your daughter. Imagine the sadness and suffering. Imagine someone like yourself never coming forward. If you remain silent, you are as guilty as those who have taken her," the couple write on the internet site for the private fund which they created after the alleged abduction.

The campaign, launched almost simultaneously with legal action against the former coordinator of the PJ who investigated the disappearance, Gonçalo Amaral, includes interviews which Kate MCann will give this week to the English and Portuguese press.


Anonymous said...

How can it be a private trip when they're announcing it?

These scumbags know no limit to grotesqueness.

It's a shame that Portuguese PR people are poking the Portuguese citizens in the eye by pandering to the McCanns whims.

AnnaEsse said...

How many times have they told us now about their private trip? Gotta make sure nobody forgets! I'm sure we'll be treated to photos of those poignant moments. "Kate and Gerry McCann gaze over the tennis courts as they sadly remember their last moments with Madeleine."

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I can face another propaganda offensive by the McCann's...

whatever their plan - they are winning... they've beaten me into submission

ok ok you had nothing to do with your daughter's disappearance

you had nothing to do with the mystery sighting by the Smiths

you had nothing to do with all the global sightings that turned out to be false

you had nothing to do with the Portuguese police once they put you in the frame

you had nothing to do with the enquiry being shelved

just leave us alone - the way you left your 3 children alone to cry night after night

AnnaEsse said...

I know what you mean, Anonymous. Did Ben Needham's mum ever get the chance to have so much help? Ha! And that new age-advanced image. People all over the world are going to be grabbing 11/12 year-old girls. And given the choice of two - a pale-skinned and a dark, almost Asian-looking, well the options for sightings are virtually unlimited. Maddie has progressed from a very small, delicate-looking child to someone with a serious aging disorder. But her parents will never manage any shame.

And intelligence?!! They said that accepting Maddie might be dead would mean giving up hope that she was alive. Well, well, there's logic for you! How on earth did those two get through medical training?

Anonymous said...

Quelques remarques à propos de cette énième campagne de pub:
-La méthode ne change guère mais elle gagne en force.Il faut inonder les gens sous un flot continu d'informations convoyant toutes le même message central : Maddie a été enlevée. En comptant sur le fait que, focalisés sur cette litanie, les gens oublieront toutes les incohérences qui entourent chaque nouvel épisode de la saga..
-On est à mi-chemin entre la méthode Coué et l'hypnose collective. Ce qui est certain c'est que les McCann ont été pris en main par des conseillers en communication qui utilisent habilement les ficelles du matraquage publicitaire et du bourrage de crâne.Quelques images force s'adressant aux sentiments, répétées ad nauseatum. Gerry d'ailleurs avait initié cette campagne à la fois incantatoire et subliminale,en voulant graver l'oeil de Maddie dans le logo de Google.

(à suivre)

AnnaEsse said...

Anonymous, one wonders why the McCanns have to keep up this constant barrage of publicity. I know that some folks are feeling bludgeoned about the head with it all. And I agree, the persistent presenting of powerful images that appeal to the emotions is what we are being fed with and that this whole campaign, especially in the ramped-up nature of it, is designed to make people forget all the inconsistencies and the unanswered questions.

As for Gerry and his using Maddie's distinctive eye as a marketing ploy, I think Gerry McCann must have Asperger's Syndrome because his left brain, logical mind cannot encompass any concept of empathy. This is why, I think, Gerry gets on well as a doctor who works with machines. Machines have no emotions for him to try to work out or understand.

Unknown said...

Kate McCann is much the same Anna she was, after all, involved with anaesthetics before becoming a part-time GP.

No more TV or radio for me today I just can't stand seeing them. Roll on tomorrow.

AnnaEsse said...

Feather, I watched one of the videos. One big change that I noticed was that when Gerry was speaking, Kate looked at him! She must have either been reading the comments on the forums about the two of them sitting there like a perra stookies, never looking at each other, or they've hired yet another professional, a psychologist to give them tips on how parents who have lost a child usually behave.
Kate's constantly looking up and down practically causes mal de mer and Gerry, well, he just sits there and chunters so much bollocks, he's in danger of causing brain death in viewers.