Monday, 1 March 2010

McCanns v Gonçalo Amaral et al: an out of step decision



Have you ever watched a film where the sound wasn't correctly synchronised with the image, or where the dubbing had nothing to do with the actions of the actors?

That's exactly the feeling I had on reading the arguments with which the judge Maria Gabriela Cunha Rodrigues justifies her decision to uphold the banning of the book, "The Truth of the Lie," and the video documentary.

I was there for three days of the process - on the fourth day, I had to be somewhere else because I had to follow up a private investigator's visit to Praia da Luz, which enabled me to interview one of the witnesses to this strange affair - and I can say that after having consulted all the cited documents and heard all the witnesses, the final result is "out of step," with the details of the process.

It's as though the decision had been taken by someone who wasn't present in the same courtroom where I was sitting...For the moment, I can't help wondering about a piece of very confidential information regarding the difficulties - the inability even - that certain people have in taking decisions.

Taking stock of this process, the question remains: what have Kate and Gerry McCann achieved? - Actually? Nothing!
In spite of appearances, the decision of the court is not a victory for the couple, and they know it.

Certainly, Amaral hasn't recovered his right to talk about Maddie's disappearance, but on the other hand he retains recourse in law - what will the European Court decide? - and the certainty that other voices will continue to speak in his place. The very existence of a support group for the former Portuguese police coordinator bears witness to this.

The McCanns have managed to defer the arrival of the paper version of the book in the United Kingdom, but unfortunately for them, have not succeeded in preventing the contents of Amaral's book from reaching their shores.

An expert in communication, a former journalist, confided in me one day: "this trial is a mistake."


IRONSIDE said...

Hi Anna, I think Chris Freind is trying to come to terms with his latest article on the McCanns...Sure he had a few hits but this time the interest is amazing..10.543 have read this article .

Chris himself has yet to comment. I do hope he has not been abducted.

AnnaEsse said...

The McCanns haven't done themselves any favours by taking Amaral to court, IRONSIDE, because now so much has come out in the mainstream media that Mr Joe Public was blissfully unaware of. Now, Kate and Gerry might find that shutting people up is a bit like herding cats!

Anonymous said...

I, too, am at a loss as to why the decision was upheld in the McCann's favour...

I read all the "tweets"/interviews/reports and it was pretty clear that alot of other people have the same views as Mr. Amaral.

His book echoed the police files... how then is a book still allowed to remain banned???