Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Madeleine McCann: New Video - What Would You Do?



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The last photo thread MM.........

Volume II Page 452

Incident History Records

8th May 2007

Email received from Leicestershire police

Would you kindly permit an officer to visit Mrs F*****?. She has recently been on holiday to the MW complex and is in possession of video footage taken by her husband. It is understood that the footage is currently contained on their home computer. The allocated officer will need to review the footage and all footage of the complex should be downloaded onto a suitable storage disc. Mr F**** has indicated that it probably only consists of a thirty second pan of the playground area/pool area/Tapas bar. Mr and Mrs F are not technically competent to download the data. Please statement accordingly re exhibit continuity.

I have spoken to Mr F this morning and he has been advised that local officers will make contact with his wife.

If possible please send a copy to me for initial viewing in the Incident Room

Outros Apensos

Page 541

Report on Visualisation and Analysis of Photographs

On this date, I can inform that photographs from a CD provided by Leicestershire police were visualised and analysed, these referred to photographs taken by the F***** family during their holidays at the OC between the 28th April and 5th May 2007.

Upon analysing these photos, the result was that there was at least one photograph where some of the elements making up the group of friends of the McCann couple were visualised, nothing relevant being found for the investigation.

Portimao, 23rd May 2007.


Ricardo Paiva


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Thought you might have looked at the information given from the files and posted on MM...
or is it better for inuendo and assumption to continue re why the Hampshire police were involved.

Never mind my mistake.

AnnaEsse said...

Anonymous, thank you for the information. I do appreciate your posting it here. I haven't done anything with it because I've got a big job on in the garden at the moment.

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MM has shown where it's interest lies, and it isn't the process files.

More interested in docmac's "truth"

Remember his truths well from the DX and vivs.

Wonder if his tapas 1 ever got back from Portugal Jan 08 when he went to change his statement!