Monday, 19 July 2010

Tony Bennett reading the 48 questions Kate McCann refused to answer

Another video deleted, but you can still view it here:

This is the video that was removed from YouTube. It is simply Tony Bennett of The Madeleine Foundation reading aloud the 48 questions that Kate McCann refused to answer in September 2007 when she was questioned under the status of arguida by the Portuguese police.


Unknown said...

A BIG, big one thank Ypu both, 3...more,all.

I tried make a écran fil,capture but i do not know how to do more.


AnnaEsse said...

Thank you mc.

It's thanks to @Bren_bjr that I have access to this video. So, I send my thanks to Bren!

As for screenshots! I can manage to lift the embed code and that's my limit!

Unknown said...

Yes, I know that! But all togetther...what a team!

Thank You to you and to Bren. ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

I put on 3 blogs................

The best all days!


AnnaEsse said...

Thank you Maria. Teamwork is wonderful and we're a good team here! You've got it on 3 blogs? Wonderful! It's going to go viral at this rate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the updates, Anna & for your continued quest to find the truth...

All the early interviews before they were "media savvy" are the most interesting and revealing.

They may not ever be brought to account for what happened but I feel very certain that one day someone will slip up & the truth will become known to the wider public.

Those of us who have been following for the last 3 years at various websites have pretty much uncovered (except for the fine details) what happened that night and the attempts to divert attention to other quarters.

It still makes me shiver to think what people will do and who they will forsake in order to save their own skins.

AnnaEsse said...


I am an avid reader of blogs and forums where the Maddie case is discussed. My feeling is that there are so many of us discussing the finer details now that one of these days someone will bring together some of these details and the pieces will fall into place. We've got amazing people sifting through the minutiae, analysing and sorting and I'm certain that the truth will emerge from that work.

I don't think Carter Ruck are doing the McCanns any favours by drawing attention to such details as the 48 questions. By trying to silence Tony Bennett, they simply make the issue more important and bring it to a world-wide audience! Yayyyyy!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Save for a confession, I don't think we'll ever know the details of whether it was an accident whilst they were out or something that happened around bath time.
Although I think the inner circle know, I'd be surprised if they knew the exact specifics.

I still find it galling and shocking that Dr. Amaral's life has essentially been ruined for trying to do his job.
Instead of giving his best remaining years to the police force that he loved, he has ended up diverted by the prime suspects & following a path that I'm sure he'd rather not have gone down.

Unfortunately for them... there are many many people who will not give up seeking out the truth.

Ironside said...

The problem is when you are a 'Truth Seeker' which we all are along with GA, something inside you makes you go on..I no longer hate the McCanns, I now have no feelings for them whatsoever.

The McCanns and their friends have to live with what they have done, I am not one of Mccanns friends who gave him money for his cycle ride tainting Macmillan forever.

Plus the Mccanns will have to spend the rest of their lives inventing a fantasy world to their two remaining children. I do not envy but pity them and ruining GA one way sooner or later they will pay. Karma is never far away.

AnnaEsse said...

Ironside, I have no feelings for the McCanns either. I don't know them personally, i don't understand their behaviour and I don't want to poison myself with negativity.

It is sometimes asked, "What would you say to the McCanns if you met them?" Well, not a lot! I don't know them and I have don't think I have anything in common with them.

Even if the truth never comes out, they know it and will carry it with them for the rest of their lives, watching every word they say in relation to Maddie.

Whatever they tell Sean and Amelie, those two will be able to find out for themselves sooner or later, when they can browse the internet for themselves. When that time comes, I wonder how Kate and Gerry will handle the questions? They would have to be able to convince the children that the police of two countries were lying about the findings of their investigation and that in spite of there being no evidence to the contrary, that their sister was abducted.

The twins will also find out that their parents were not dining "next door," but a considerable distance away. Karma comes in many forms.

AnnaEsse said...

Ironside, excuse typos in previous comment!

Also, I see that the latest video has been deleted. Well, it'll probably surface somewhere else!

Angelique said...

Hi Anna

Have been an avid fan of your site for a while - the video is still on at McCanns Abuse of Power but for how long - who knows. You have to scroll down a bit to find the thread.

Many thanks for your hard work