Monday, 29 November 2010

Kate and Gerry McCann: action replay of some of their best moments!

I wonder if Kate and Gerry McCann have ever wished they lived before the internet age, immediate world-wide communication, and videoed interviews, rather than paraphrased quotes reaching the newspapers from Europe a day or so after the event.

Well, here are a few of their best moments, some of them from the friends and relations.

Mother's Day in Portugal, three days after Madeleine disappeared into thin air. In similar situations where a child has gone missing, I usually really feel the emotion coming from the parents, and I feel choked up. However, when I saw this video, I was amazed that I felt no empathetic response. For me, Kate McCann made a letter box of her mouth, and just seemed to be trying out the expressions she thought that a mother in that situation would be feeling.

Dear Auntie Phil, telling us about Gerry and Kate not wanting to leave the children with the strangers who looked after them in the creche all day, every day, and about that 'clear line of sight to their kids.' May 5th 2007. Did she ever bother to find out the truth? Hard to miss it really, unless she has spent the last three years like those German people Kate and Gerry appealed to, who might have information - somewhere in La-La Land, where there is no telly, newspapers, radio, internet, or other human beings with eyes and ears and a way of communicating with the rest of the world, or even just their neighbour!

Brian Kennedy, Madeleine's great uncle, with his wife, Janet, talking about children going missing and the shock of it, 'especially in what you think is a safe complex.' Obviously, no one had told them, at that point, on May 5th 2007, that the McCanns' apartment was not within a 'safe complex,' but outside the Ocean Club, overlooking a car park and a public road.

John McCann, Gerry's brother, May 9th 2007. Just a load of twaddle!

Eileen McCann, Gerry's mother, describing how much brighter Gerry sounds on the phone, because of all the support. Brian Kennedy, talking about the fund and its intended purpose.

Presenter: Tell me, Brian, about all the people that have been coming up to you today, literally stuffing money in your hand.

Brian Kennedy: ....touching. Very touching.......
the money can be used for all sorts of reasons, but probably mainly for legal expenditure

Legal expenditure? On May 17th 2007 Brian Kennedy stated that the money being donated would be 'probably mainly for legal expenditure.' What legal expenditure was being foreseen at that time?

Jane Tanner: listen carefully to her description of the way the child was being carried. She says, 'I was carrying....'

Kate McCann: that 'whoosh cluck,' moment, when she looks like she's having trouble getting her mouth under control.

And finally, a brilliant video from Claudia7929, The McCanns - Their Best Moments
. (20/09/08)


Anonymous said...

Anna 'I usually really feel the emotion coming from the parents, and I feel choked up. However, when I saw this video, I was amazed that I felt no empathetic response.'

Exactly my thoughts, there is something wrong. Often wonder why. For me it is not the lack of tears (may be deceptive), it is the feeling that there is not an 'abducted en alive Madeleine' on Kate's en Gerry's mind. Sounds vague, but I can not describe better.
No proof I know, perhaps that's why we all want to know the facts of Amaral's investigation.

Himself said...

Good morning Anna, and thank you post, particularly the first clip.

In spite of producing this pic, I don't think I have ever watched that performance. Had I done I'm sure I would have remembered it and made more of it, deserving as does to be classed as iconic and worthy of joining the other two clips so catalogued. (didn't give the kids sedatives and a later wooden appeal by madam.

I can honestly say I have never seen such a phony and contrived performance in all me little life.
The moment it started, I thought Susan Smith; but having gone back and watched Smith's performance, I don't know what to say, other than perhaps, Kate McCann makes Susan Smith look like Glenda Jackson when it comes to acting.

You might remember that it was Smith's performance before the camera that instantly raised red flags and that there was something decidedly hinky about the woman.

You can remind yourself here if you wish, you can go to a more tidier post of the following day. Why do these killers remind me of Gerry McCann?

Both posts contain a link to the same video, and I only include the first because of the stills I took.

Thanks again for posting something that I can't believe I've just watched.

That said, I must have watched the thing before because there is also this pic,and it's not for nothing that Oscar is shedding tears. And I have just found another on the same theme.

Senior moments, aren't they a bugger?

I do remember this one though, it being from another occasion, but then it would be hard to forget, it's a cracker.

AnnaEsse said...

Oh those senior moments, Himself. I have, more times than I care to remember, gone off searching for something I just knew I'd seen somewhere, only to eventually find it on me own blog!

I'm now looking for a video of uncle Brian Kennedy on May 21st 2007, being interviewed at the war memorial in Rothley about Gerry's visit and having to say that Gerry hasn't been in touch.

Anonymous said...

I have never been able to put my finger on what disturbs me so much about this family but now watching them all is disgust..they repel me . They are a group of sick individuals and need help. I read an article yesterday about a group in Social services who are called ' watchers' I hope they have a 'watcher' looking out for the twins.