Tuesday, 31 January 2012

"Belle Famille," - by Arthur Dreyfus - Chapter 21

Résumé of chapter 21 from original in French by Frencheuropean.

The Macands moved into a new hotel. During an inventory, the manager of the previous hotel pointed out the absence of the meat fork. Laurence looked him up and down, stating that it wasn't there when they arrived. Stéphane threw a large denomination bank note at the feet of the manager, who was asking to be reimbursed. Laurence appreciated the grandness of the gesture.

Ron passed the lie detector test with flying colours and Andreotti is more and more convinced of his innocence, but his bosses at ministerial level, begin to apply pressure. So, Andreotti places Ron on remand.

Yannick Noah has recorded a video with the text that Tony has sent to him. Tony is well pleased with the result. Turning towards the camera, the singer says:

"I will stop singing for a moment for this child. This child who is called Madec. This child who has disappeared. Just a moment for him. Because he must be found. Because together we can create miracles. Don't forget: just a moment. For Madec Macand."
But the video is not very successful. On the other hand, an article in a satirical journal, published on the internet, is a resounding success. It is headed:

"When Noah the demagogue thinks he's Columbo"

Laurence is furious with this failure.

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