Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Martin Brunt of Sky News - the blue sports bag.


In this video from December 2007, Martin Brunt mentions the blue sports bag, which was said to have disappeared from the McCanns' holiday apartment. He also shows the view from the table the McCanns sat at in the Tapas Bar and states that the McCanns would not have been able to see anyone going in or out of the apartment.

Brunt then walks the route the McCanns would have taken to check on the children and concludes that it would have taken 80 paces from the restaurant to the gate leading to the unlocked patio doors.

And what will Kate and Gerry tell the twins about that evening when their sister disappeared into thin air? When Sean and Amelie are old enough, they will be told that Kate and Gerry were dining 'in the restaurant next door.'* I hope that Brunt video is still available when Sean and Amelie are judged to be old enough for the explanation because 80 paces to the restaurant next door may seem like more than spitting distance to them or close enough to hear a child crying. I guess that's Kate and Gerry's problem. The twins will be able to explore for themselves before too long and how will their parents explain away all the discrepancies? However hard the McCanns try to make sure certain things get whooshed away, there will be plenty left on the internet for the twins to find. And when they do, perhaps that's when Kate and Gerry will truly have to face the reality of what went on in Praia da Luz, how they went on holiday with three children and came back without Sean and Amelie's sister.

*Daily Mail May 2nd 2010


SteelMagnolia said...

Hi Anna, MMF are discussing the trendy bead and no it was not mentioned in the book(not a member so if you would kindly pass the link ). The washing of hair and removing the bead seems to have been just a nice little PR story to get that picture out there.


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Thanks for the link. I'll add it to the discussion.