Monday, 2 April 2012

How DARE Gerry & Kate Claim the PJ Did NOTHING!



SteelMagnolia said...

Anna I am reading on twitter this video has been Carter Rucked for viewers in the UK...Is HiDeDo outside UK ? can she put together a video...clearly something of great importance here if McCanns have blocked it.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm in Portugal (Lisbon) and the video works here. No wonder they don't want the british to watch it, it would raise a lot tof questions...

It was posted in YouTube by Xklamation on 10/09/2008

"Quick Summary:"

"Images of the McCanns second apartment in Praia da Luz, Algarve, Portugal. The Portuguese police searches the McCanns apartment and finds several sleeping medicaments, confidential CEOP manuals, books about murder like The Interpretation of Murder, and smell of corpse in the cuddle toy which belonged to Madeleine. Video released by Spanish Antena 3 TV. 10 September 2008"

"Antena3 Article: The McCanns kept numerous medicines which provoked sleepiness"

"New Exclusive Images of the Report
Madrid, Espejo Público [an Antena3 TV Show]"

"Given the repeated denial of the British police to send different reports about the married couple, the Portuguese police made a profile searching throughout the McCanns second house, in Praia da Luz.

This way, officers accompanied by two police psychologists, carry out a meticulous search in the main bedroom [the parents' bedroom].

In a case of abduction, the family circle is always investigated. The police were surprised on having seen the bedroom. Kate seems to be mourning. In her small bedside table are many photos of Maddy [sic] surrounded with rosaries and a Bible, which had bookmarked, with a picture a fragment of the Old Testament in which it could be read: " "However, because by this deed you have given occasion to the enemies of the LORD to blaspheme, the child also that is born to you shall surely die" [2 Samuel 12:14]"."

"At the other side of the bed, on Gerry's bedside table the attention is given to, between other books, "The interpretation of Murder ". In the study [office space] where Gerry writes his blog and where he works at the campaign to find his daughter, another surprise: CEOP manuals, books with access restricted to police and governmental entities.

Before this discovery, Mark Harrison, the British police officer sent from the United Kingdom to coordinate the case, does not give credit. He wonders how many married couples had access to these manuals, which are exclusively reserved to police officers.

The Portuguese Officers confirm in this way their suspicions regarding the contacts which are provided to the McCanns, which for them is translated in a big political pressure that to their judgement, limits the investigation.

Also, the police find numerous medicines, which they examine in search of these sedatives that they fear that were given to the children by the McCanns on the night of the 3rd of May. They also register the side effects caused by the medicines that they find, and verify that the majority of them provoke sleepiness. They examine as well the drawers, closets, as well as the twins' room and that no longer sleep in cots but in beds.

The final report of the process, in contrast to the images included in the same report, state that independently of the curious and morbid conclusions, the only fact that one can determine, as such, is the disparate behavior of the couple at the time of facing Madeleine's disappearance."

Source: Antena3 (Spanish)

AnnaEsse said...

Anonymous, thank you very much for that summary.

AnnaEsse said...

And thank you Steel Magnolia.

Anonymous said...

You're very welcome, AnnaEsse!It's not my merit, I just copied and pasted fro YouTube.
I admire your work, THANK YOU!

AnnaEsse said...

Thank you, Anonymousx

SteelMagnolia said...

Good morning Anna , I was just about to place HideHo's video on my blog but I believe there is something wrong with the sound on the first one...can you ask her to check it please.

Thank-you and have a good week-end we have rain, typical!

SteelMagnolia said...

The McCanns have also censored another video . Telecinco claim copyright but I do not believe is footage where McCann states .. 'Nothing was worse than the night we found her'

It could of course mean anything but the implication to me and the way I read it is when 'they' found her meaning they found her together.

And a very good reason for asking it to be removed too many people started questioning on the forums ' when WE found her'

SteelMagnolia said...

Brendan de Beer and Paulo Reis picking up on how the positioning of McCann and Wilkins was changed to help McCann out of the situation he found himself in, well spotted by Paulo.

I could never understand what had happened to all of the interviews with Sousa ,it was he who told us about the Smith sighting explaining the witness
was close enough to see there was no blood on the child's clothing.

All gone, from the article of Paulo Reis I now understand who removed them Brendan de Beer!

SteelMagnolia said...

I have spoken with the police in Nerja, first local at 952 52 1545 who put me in contact with Guardia Cival at 952 520091...Local police were amused not sure why ? because they have been inundated with calls they maybe? .Anyway Guardia are the same as PJ...they ain't saying nothing ..Only that there was 'something' and they are looking into it.

Anonymous said...

That video from Telecinco (I was convinced it was from a show called "Las mañanas de Quatro")was that the show that was supposed to have been followed by a live debate in the studio with the participation of the forensic psychologist Jose Cabrera Forneiro, who from the early days always said that the McCanns facial expressions showed they were hiding something ("poker faces", he said), and Mercedes, from "Hasta que se sepa la verdad". Well...the first part of the debate was aired, but the rest of it was erased, "whoosh clunked", cancelled without a word of explanation. many viewers innundated the tv station with emails and phone calls demending for an answer, but nothing was explained!
Ah, the looong arm of Carter-Ruck...