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Dementia: Is there a causative link to vaccines?


I think those children who were born in the years immediately following WWII were the first generation to receive multiple vaccines. Barbara Loe Fisher of the American National Vaccine Information Center records that the average American child now receives 49 doses of 14 vaccines by age 6. Looking at the list on the above link, children in the UK probably receive a similar number of doses of the same vaccines.

The theory of how vaccines are designed to protect against disease is well known: the introduction to the body of an attenuated (weakened) or inactivated (killed) form of the disease-causing organism stimulates the body to produce antibodies and so the body is protected when it comes into contact with the live organism.

Edward Jenner is credited with inventing vaccination against disease when, in 1796, he noticed that people who had had cowpox rarely contracted smallpox. In an effort to investigate, he scratched the skin of an 8 year-old boy and introduced some material from a cowpox pock on a dairymaid's arm. The child became mildly ill and recovered within a week. About six weeks later, Jenner infected the child with smallpox and was relieved to find that the child did not develop the disease. 

Jenner's method worked with smallpox, but his method of immunisation did not include all the adjuvants (things added) found in modern vaccines, which are mostly designed to further stimulate the immune system. Those adjuvants can include mercury, monosodium glutamate and squalene (a natural organic compound) For an in depth look at adjuvants see Swine flu - looking more closely at Pandemrix

Dr Andrew Moulden (MD PhD) has done considerable research on the effects of vaccination. I'm sure his work, like that of Dr Andrew Wakefield, is very controversial, but I find it very interesting and Dr Moulden's qualifications and experience give him quite considerable credibility in speaking on the subject, in my opinion.

Dr Moulden states that this talk is intended to describe in physiology, across multiple areas of medicine, how the brain and the body has been damaged by the processes that are now considered to be a type of 'stroke,' in the body when small end blood vessels are temporarily or permanently blocked off when the blood starts to 'sludge.' He adds that blood will 'sludge,' in small blood vessels as a consequence of many things, including infectious diseases, changes in viruses and as a result of some vaccines which we may receive and particularly as some vaccines contain heavy metals. Specifically, he states, that aluminium in vaccines is contributory to the things he discusses in these videos. 

(Aluminium, of course, is thought by many researchers to be a contributory factor in the development of Alzheimer's Disease.)

Dr Moulden refers to the theory of 'herd immunity,' that 95% of the population needs to be vaccinated to confer immunity to the whole herd. The problem with this, he says, is that it's a 'one size fits all vaccine,' which does not always suit individuals. By this, I am guessing that he means that some individuals will be sensitive to some of the ingredients in a vaccine, which does make sense to me, especially when several vaccines are given on the same day to an individual who has such a sensitivity. Squalene in particular seems to have been shown to produce an abnormal response from the immune system. (For details see the above link for Pandemrix vaccine) 

When Dr Moulden started in clinical practice, he says, he began seeing children and adults exhibiting the equivalent of 'strokes' and he recognised that the problems he was seeing could only come from damage to the small blood vessels going to the brain. He states that he was seeing damage that was not there before individuals were vaccinated, but were showing up shortly thereafter. Adults and children were losing their language and becoming withdrawn. Some of those children were receiving diagnoses of autism down the road. 

In the following videos, Dr Moulden describes the physiological response to vaccines that cause the blood to 'sludge,' and block the small blood vessels. With this first video, however, I began to wonder about damage to the brain caused by vaccines in sensitive individuals, adults who have received countless vaccines over the course of their lives and who are now exhibiting symptoms of dementia, particularly those diagnosed with vascular dementia, where damage to small blood vessels in the brain starves areas of the brain of oxygen. 

I am also wondering if it is advisable to be giving flu vaccines to older people who have been diagnosed with some form of dementia when those vaccines contain adjuvants like mercury and squalene. Squalene is necessary for a range of biochemical processes in the body. When it is absorbed through the digestive system in food products like olive oil, it is assimilated readily. However, when injected into deep muscle tissue, the body can produce antibodies to squalene, which can attack all of the squalene in the system. Many soldiers who have been diagnosed with 'Gulf War Syndrome,' have been shown to have antibodies to squalene in their blood. 


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