Monday, 25 February 2013

"Time and Tide" by Dr Martin Roberts on McCann Files

Kate McCann

The latest article from Dr Martin Roberts appears on The McCann Files web site today, February 25th 2013. Reproduced below is the introduction to this excellent piece of 'purporting.' !!!

Gerry McCann announced before the recent Leveson enquiry, "I strongly believe in Freedom of Speech...I don't have a problem with somebody purporting a theory..."
 Perhaps then it is time, at last, to do a little, perfectly admissible 'purporting.'
 Time, the 'grim reaper,' takes its inevitable toll in many ways, not the least of which being of one's memory. And, in that particular context, it does not take weeks, months, or years over doing so.
 The McCanns have, not infrequently, been cavalier with time itself, their various accounts of seemingly unimportant incidents during their week in Praia da Luz dragging events, in a largely forward direction, away from their actual point of occurrence. To give but one example, Kate McCann, in her only book to date, makes wholly unequivocal reference to her own photography of daughter Madeleine during a mini-tennis session on the Tuesday morning, when it is perfectly clear from the Ocean Club's printed schedule that said mini-tennis took place on the Monday morning. Were it an isolated case one might be prepared to accept this as a one-off error in recall. Unfortunately it is neither.

The whole article is available on Nigel's excellent site The McCann Files

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