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Madeleine McCann: the rather unusual suspects!

According to the Daily Star dated July 6th 2013, there are five suspects in the frame for the Madeleine McCann abduction. Scotland Yard detectives want to trace five mysterious strangers who were spotted in Praia da Luz around the time that Madeleine disappeared.

One is “Bundle Man” who was seen by the McCanns’ pal Jane Tanner carrying a sleeping girl away from their apartment at around 9.15pm on the night Madeleine disappeared.

Jane Tanner's first statement about this sighting was that she had seen a man carrying a, "bundle that could have been a child." Over time, Ms Tanner's memory improved to the extent that the bundle was not just definitely a child, but a child wearing pyjamas just like the ones Madeleine had been wearing on the night she disappeared. 

Abductor photo Abductor251007.jpg

The above is based on Jane Tanner's description of "Bundleman" She described the pyjamas as having frills around the ankles and they looked "pinky."

Jammmies photo PyjamasBestPhoto.jpg

Here we have Kate and Gerry showing a set of pyjamas identical to those Madeleine had been wearing, the bottom part of which has cropped legs, which would surely have ridden up over the knees of a child who had been carried in the manner described by Jane Tanner. They would definitely not have been tight around the ankles. 

"Bundleman," also known as, "Eggman," began his media career as an egg with hair! The McCanns put pressure on the PJ to publish the e-fit based on Tanner's description and since she didn't see the man's face, this was the image the PJ touted around Praia da Luz!

 photo Eggman.jpg

Then, according to the Daily Star, there was "Rude man."

He could also be “Rude Man” who ignored an Irish family’s attempts to chat as he passed them carrying a pyjama-clad girl towards the beach around 10pm that night.

"Rude Man" was spotted by the Smith family from Ireland, who encountered a man carrying a child as they left a bar in Praia da Luz at around 10pm on the evening of May 3rd 2007. One of the family asked "Rude man" if the child was asleep and received no response. According to The Irish Independent the Smith family could hold the key to the Madeleine McCann mystery and their evidence is viewed by Scotland Yard as "credible." When Mr Smith saw the news report of the McCanns returning to the UK, he told the police that he was fairly certain that the man he had seen on that night was Gerry McCann.

Another is “Creepy Man” who days earlier scared British holidaymaker Gail Cooper when he demanded charity cash for an orphanage that did not exist.
She later saw the Mexican-moustached stranger watching children on the beach.

This was when Jane Tanner's "Bundle Man," developed a face and she became absolutely sure that "Bundle Man," and "Creepy Man," were in fact one and the same person! 

 photo Bundleman2.jpg

And now for number four! 

A fourth was dubbed “Spotty Man” after he was seen five times in the four days before Madeleine disappeared apparently watching their apartment.

 photo spottyman-1.jpg

If that man exists, is he likely to come forward and declare, "I'm Spotty Man. Look here's the plukes to prove it!"? If he had any sense and was in fact acting suspiciously, he may have visited a dermatologist since then. Even if he exists, who would want to be known internationally as "Spotty Man"?
I feel for you Mr Spotty!

A fifth, “Photo Man”, was spotted taking pictures of children near the beach in nearby Sagres.

Well, that man must be found and interrogated! Taking photos on a beach? Definitely highly suspicious! 

I think Scotland Yard and the Daily Star have missed out a few (well, quite a few) suspects. 

Here are just a few!

Lettuce photo Lettuceman.jpg

Lettuce Man

Bolivian photo BolivianE-Fit.jpg

The Bolivian

1 photo Suspect4.jpg

The Victoria Beckham look-alike

2 photo Suspect5.jpg

The odd couple who allegedly worked at the Ocean Club

9 photo Suspect9.jpg

Stubble Man

14 photo suspect14.jpg

The George Harrison look-alike 

10 photo suspect10.jpg

The dead paedo

There is growing concern in some quarters that Madeleine's disappearance will be pinned on the dead paedo. Case closed. Pick a paedo, any paedo, as long as he's dead!

We now add, "the childless couple." Seriously folks, the police are now looking at a childless couple who apparently told friends they'd be willing to kidnap a child, having become frustrated with adoption red tape. These two people are among the 38 the Scotland Yard police have listed as "persons of interest."

The pair, who had told friends they would kidnap a child after becoming frustrated with adoption red tape, are among the list of 38 new suspects drawn up by British cops.

A review by London’s Metropolitan police led them to the couple and detectives are now investigating the theory that they smuggled the missing toddler out of Portugal aboard a boat. (Sunday World July 10th 2013)

There may be a childless couple who have Madeleine McCann, the world's best known missing child, who now know that the police are on their tail! And where would Maddie have been for the past 6 years? On a private island somewhere? Let's face it, she would not have been out in public when Maddie look-alikes have been spotted on all 5 continents, sometimes on the same day. Also, wouldn't a childless couple, who are said to have been possibly watching the McCanns coming and going for several days, not have spotted that there was a younger female child? Surely it would be easier for a younger child to adapt to a new family and a new environment?

Ah well, I think the last word here goes to DCI Andy Redwood, who led the review into Madeleine's disappearance.

“From the outset we have approached this review with a completely open mind, placing Madeleine McCann at the heart of everything we do. We are working on the basis of two possibilities here. One is that Madeleine is still alive; and the second that she is sadly dead”, DCI Andy Redwood said last year. Portugal News 24th Jan 2013

Yes, DCI Redwood has spoken! Madeleine McCann is either alive or she is dead! Well, Sherlock, that doesn't fill me with confidence for the success of the investigation that Scotland Yard is about to undertake, especially as the Portuguese Attorney General's Office has not yet received a formal request from SY for assistance with the case, which remains under Portuguese jurisdiction. (Joana Morais July 5th 2013)

I hear they're still having the formal request translated!

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