Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Samantha Osborn Is Missing

I would not have heard of Samantha Osborn if I were not a regular reader of the Daily Mirror forum. Samantha is 15 years old and has been missing from her home since April 3rd this year.

Daily Mirror

It was a Tuesday during the Easter school holidays when I heard her stomp downstairs and out of the front door at 4pm. We thought she'd just popped out to see a friend and were pleased she'd prised herself away from the computer screen.But that evening she didn't come home. I stood by the window looking out for her and even rang round her friends to ask if they'd seen her. None had"

When Samantha left home that day she had the clothes she was wearing, and a small bag containing her purse and her inhaler. Her mobile phone was left behind and her debit card has not been used. She had been spending a lot of time on the internet and said that she had been chatting with people her own age. It is thought that she may have gone to meet someone whom she had met on the internet. From what was found on Samantha's computer, it is thought that she may be in the Bristol area, but there are no confirmed sightings.

Please have a look at the web site Samantha's mother has set up and watch the YouTube video, which is linked to on the site.

Find Samantha Osborn

And just in case you'd like to go straight to the video, here is the link!

YouTube video

If you think you have seen Samantha Osborn, please contact the police. The phone number is on the, "findsamanthaosborn," site and also at the end of the video.